Clarke Ingram, WKHB 620 Pittsburgh | 2009

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I have always loved Clarke Ingram’s sound on the air. Lots of energy, economy of words, great production, and a tight board. And you could always tell he loved what he was doing, no matter what station he was on.  And, he worked on air & programmed some legendary stations, WHTX, WJJJ, B94, & WWSW in Pittsburgh, Eagle 106 in Philly, Z100 NYC, KZZP Phoenix, WPXY Rochester, and others. In this aircheck, Clarke is on WKHB in Pittsburgh. What makes this aircheck a fun listen, is that Clarke does a awesome job of re-creating the Top 40 sound of the early 1970s, on an Oldies station in 2009, and you can tell he’s having a blast! -Ellis










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