Composite: 103.7 WKNE-FM Keene NH | October 1993

103.7 WKNE-FM Keene NH

Date of Recording: October 1993 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 103.7 WKNE-FM Keene New Hampshire
Featured Air Talent: Ken Gilbert, Others
Contributor: Ken Gilbert
Aircheck Entry: 1,438

The Biggest Hits, The Best Songs…


Our first recording of WKNE-FM takes us to 1993. There was some sort of smoke/fire incident at Swanzey Elementary School, a school down close to the MA/NH border but nobody hurt and Mid-day host and contributor Ken Gilbert makes several announcements to reassure parents. This actually includes two different airchecks recorded one on each side of this generic cassette with a cart label and ‘KNE FM OCT 94’ hand written upon it (above).

The current Hot Adult Contemporary format goes back to 1985, when the station flipped from Beautiful Music to AC. The former call letters were WNBX-FM. 103.7 once was the FM side of an AM/FM combo – the AM station being WKNE 1290. Today, 103.7 is simply WKNE, the FM suffix was dropped in January 2003 when the AM station flipped formats and changed call letters to WKBK which itself had been on 1220 in a confusing battery of changes in the market. More information is available elsewhere around the web.

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