98.7 WXLO "99X",New York Composite #2, 98.7 WXLO “99X” New York | January 4, 1979

Composite #2, 98.7 WXLO “99X” New York | January 4, 1979



Big Apple Airchecks presents: 55 minutes of a broadcast day on WXLO 99X! Part one posted a very long time ago and we’re just getting around to putting up the other orignal, which is in better shape remastered than the original.

This begins with Rob Sisco and its a wonderful slice of how radio was done in 1979 – live, 24-7 with real people behind the microphones. Sure as heck better than the robots and computers of today! Listen to this all the way through and ask yourself, Bobby Rich (corrected) do a damn good job running 99X at this time or what? The station is mainly an album station at this point, but clearly still playing Top 40. And listen for the interesting Top of Hour Legal ID sung for WXLO at the end of this. Was WXLO headed for the AC barn? Well, it did, before RKO General threw in the towel and went full blown Urban – but that’s another story.

I, the webmaster, want to publicly apologize to Rob Sisco and Bobby Rich. This posted with a few glaring errors, which hopefully have been fixed as of now (3/8/14)

And while we’re here, don’t forget to visit Bobby’s B-100 online. KFM-BFM San Diego Lives On!

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  1. Steve…
    Other than being a bit mortified that my clearly substandard overnight fill in work would kick this off, I wanted to point out that the legendary BOBBY RICH was the Program Director at that time. Bumper, while a terrifically talented and truly nice man (may he always rest in peace) was a member of the air staff but was not in programming management. I was the Assistant PD and Rick Bisgeglia was the MD. Thanks for posting.

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