The Return of Beaver Clever, 98.7 WXLO “99X” New York | June 9, 1979


Listen now as Beaver Clever throws himself into a high energy Top 40 radio show. Frankly, its amazing that 99X didn’t beat crosstown, cross-band WABC at its own game right here in ’79, but that distinction was reserved for “Disco 92”. You’ll notice that 99X leans slightly in a Rock direction while playing the Disco hits at this point in time, probably in response to WKTU’s All-Disco format. Alas, nothing was going to de-throne Disco in 1979, but irony is funny… 98.7 would be full blown Urban within five years from this point.

Notice the live promo for PD Bumper Morgan filling in for Casey Casem on the Coast to Coast countdown – more evidence that 99X (and RKO General) jocks were world class talent and in great demand. But, according to Rob Sisco, there was great pressure from parent company RKO General to take the station to Adult Contemporary, thinking that the format would improve Time Spent Listening, something that the Top 40 format was lacking – kids flip around the dial a lot. So here, in 1979, you hear pretty much the end of this fantastic format, with another of many greats who shared the microphone at the great 99X!

Runs 30 minutes, scoped. And in beautiful STEREO!