Composite: 77 WABC New York | 1972

770 New York, WABC
Early 1960s WABC Logo


MusicRadio 77 WABC
MusicRadio 77 WABC

First appearing on this website in 2010, it’s time for a flashback.  Audio has been gently re-mastered.

The contributor for this is Paul Ford.  This is this brief composite of a day on the air at MusicRadio 77 starting with Harry Harrison in the morning, then moving on to the late, great Ron Lundy, Dan Ingram, Cousin Brucie, Chuck Leonard and even Jay Reynolds! The audio quality is superb, as is the reverb and those great PAMS jingles used in ’72!


  1. Steven Green

    Fantastic! Thanks so much Steve, this is great.

    Dan Ingram seemed to have played Kansas City quite often in 1972.

    I remember that WABC started playing more 1950’s songs to counter competition from the new format at 101 FM. They gave up on that around a year later.

  2. David

    I remember hearing an unscoped (except for the songs, of course) version on the old (1999-2008)”WABC Rewound” retrospective that was broadcast every Memorial Day. On the 2000 edition of the special, to be exact. This is the 1972 sales demo that was featured, as I said, on the 2000 edition of “Rewound”.

  3. Gary Kerns

    This was made sometime in the spring of ’72, as near the end an upcoming Howard Cosell appearance on April 21 is mentioned. I remember from years back (I think it was at, Dan Ingram talking about “Kansas City” saying “Do you remember that? Then you is OLD!” Thanks for this ‘check.

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