Composite: 900 CKTS Sherbrooke QC | Winter, 1974

Radio in Canada’s predominently French Province was never better! Here’s a composite of the airstaff of 900 CKTS Sherbrooke as it sounded in 1974. CKTS was the only English hit music station in the south-central part of Quebec, the region known as the Eastern Townships.

While there’s no reverb at CKTS, the station takes a page from the playbooks of RKO and WABC for both the personality aspect of the station’s programming and the jingles. As you’ll hear, CKTS was TIGHT! These guys were quick on their feet and seemingly had a one-liner for every break. This rivals some of the best that American RKO stations like KFRC, KHJ and WRKO had to offer. Little known in the States, after listening to this, one might say that CKTS was Quebec’s best kept secret.

Heard on this aircheck are Ted Silver, Sandy Davis, Isaac Shane, others. Listen for a great promo for “The Motown Special” at the end of this recording.