Ken Clark, “Retro Saturday Night”, KLOZ Eldon/Lake of the Ozarks MS, “Mix 92.7” | August 23, 2011

Picking up where your webmaster left off the day before the freak October blizzard knocked out power to this computer and the rest of the state (finishing off the power supply in this thing in the process), here’s one featuring site friend Ken Ahrens as Ken ‘Clark’ at Mix 92.7, Eldon Mississippi.

This is a very good flashback program and features a lot of 80s hits. Scoped, as always, but most definitely worth listening to, as the radio era draws to a close (or so I feel is happening after the massive industry layoffs at Cumulus, Clear Channel and elsewhere during the month of October, 2011 – watch for my upcoming Webmaster’s Corner rant on the subject coming soon).

Whatever notes I had available about this aircheck on the Airchexx production computer were lost with the power outage, so I’ll leave it up to our contributor to post his ‘liner notes’ about this aircheck.