October 28, 2021

6 thoughts on “Composite: 92.5 WIFI Philadelphia | January 24, 1977

  1. Thanks for posting this. Growing up in Central NJ, I can tell you that WIFI 92 definitely was popular with the high school kids in my area by the late 70s. I agree with you, if they had stuck by this format, they probably could have held their own against WCAU FM, but they gave up too quickly. Btw, one of your favorite jocks, Al bandiero, worked at WIFI at one point.

  2. Awesome aircheck! BTW, The calls on 92.5 became WXTU in August 1983, but it didn’t become Country 92 until March 1984. It was CHR/Urban 92X when the calls went from WIFI to WXTU. I posted the Call letter change on You Tube at: //youtu.be/LjbXqB7C7iw

  3. Al is still the very best, several tiers above the other jocks. I still have an aircheck of him from July 5, 1976, “$547.92 cents in the super cash stash!”, “Woooooo, I feel good!”, “If you live in the pretzel”. It was such a contrast, listen to Al from 8-midnight & then listen to Beau, what a contrast!!

  4. They did and still.do. Most Top 40 stations play their top 5 songs frequently as every 70 to 100 minutes.

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