Composite: 95.5 WPGC-FM Washington DC | 1980-1981

Date(s) of Recording(s): Various
Contributor(s):Matt Seinberg (Big Apple Airchecks); Lee Chambers (WPGC Tribute Site)
Station: 95.5 WPGC-FM Morningside MD
Featured Jock(s): Don Bishop, Max Wolf & Don Geronimo
Aircheck Entry: #1,839


This Composite is actually four very short airchecks put together to form one decent composite representing the overall sound of WPGC in the early 80s before the station dropped Top 40 for Urban. Don Bishop is the first jock heard, his portion runs less than two minutes. Next, Max Wolf, who says two lines in about a minute, then two different recordings of Don Geronimo. The last two almost sound seamless, but you’ll figure it out when you hear Geronimo talking about getting up early, then playing two oldies! (and that’s how scary it got in 1981, when they tried anything, musically, to keep the audience).

I said in an earlier aircheck post that there isn’t an aircheck of Don Geronimo that I don’t like. This even reinforces that belief. What a talent! Don Bishop sounds good enough to have been a major morning show force, but unless he went on to a big show somewhere in the last 30 years under a different name, I don’t remember him. Max Wolf – we don’t get to hear enough of him, but what we hear shows that he certainly was a fit on WPGC.

The one feature of WPGC that stands out from this Composite is personality. What makes for great radio really IS what goes on between the songs.

For you who are still working in radio, here’s a few things to note.
Tom Prestigiacomo (WAKY, WMC-FM) once said that no matter what format you’re working in, when you crack that mic, talk to the people. Envision that there’s just ONE person you’re making eye contact with, and just speak as if its you and him/her. Get intimate with your listeners, or make them laugh. You only get one shot to get it right. No, you’ll never get to sound like WPGC does here (unless you’re programming your station in which case, please, GO FOR IT!), but whatever format you work in, make your listener smile. If you can do that, you’ll always be able to communicate in radio. Make someone smile today! 🙂