Composite: 1260 KXLR San Francisco

This is a very unique aircheck. First off, it’s not a music station, but there is music, in portions of this aircheck (strangely enough, as one song ends, there’s a long pause before the next one begins… almost like if you play a CD or a record without interruption). The music presented is, of course, scoped. There are also a couple of interviews with local officials. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this was affiliated in some way with NPR… but it’s not.

This is called KXLR “Trendformation Radio”. Very different.

There’s no further information on this station and if anyone has a clue, we’d appreciate your comments as to what became of it, and what format the station had over the years.


  1. KXLR “Trendformation Radio” was the brainchild of Norm Woodruff, a Bay Area broadcaster known mainly for his work at KCBS. KXLR was the former KYA 1260 when Bonneville bought the station and began simulcasting its successful KOIT(FM) on it. Norm convinced station management to let him try a new idea: “smooth jazz” with BBC news at the top of the hour. In some ways it was ahead of its time as the “smooth jazz” concept had not jelled yet in radio. The format didn’t last very long, probably because it “sounded too NPR” for a commercial AM station. I listened to it, though.

  2. mike brewer

    I worked with Norm Woodruff in 1965 during the Watts Riots. Mike Brewer 520-360-6933

    • Mike Brewer

      Interested in knowing anyone who knew Norm. Mike 760-550-8083

  3. Rudy Phillips

    I was very close to Norm Woodruff if I have the correct one during the late sixties and seventies. Early on, he was Mr. 6 o’clock newman for metro media in SF. If correct please email me the details of his passing. My xmas card came back at some point and I lost track and did not hear. I last visit there on a business trip when he lived on Jade was in Diamond Hgts.

  4. Donald Edward Hewes, 61, former head of NASA’s lunar…
    August 26, 1985

    Based on the obit at the end of the 5:30pm Mutual News Broadcast, I would put the date of the aircheck on Friday, August 23, 1985 — based on a couple of obits I found about Donald Hewes…

    NEWPORT NEWS, VA. — Donald Edward Hewes, 61, former head of NASA’s lunar landing research for Project Apollo, died Friday.

    He was assigned to the Lunar Landing Research Facility project office at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., in October 1961. He was made head of the project in October 1962. He retired in 1980 as a branch chief in the Flight Vehicles Research Branch.

  5. Jay Rudko

    Do we know when this was recorded? I can’t say I ever heard that sounder for Mutual News. This station is the old KYA.

  6. Tony

    From Bay Area Radio Museum:

    “A new “Trendformation” format, developed by program director Norm Woodruff — faced with a lean budget — debuted July 15, 1985.

    “At this time, KOIT(AM) changed call letters to KXLR and switched to a news and information format, which featured Mutual Broadcasting System network and BBC World Service programs, plus Light Jazz and New Age music. Twenty minutes of music per hour were presented. The call-letter change received FCC authorization in mid-June.

    “When Kari Winston was transferred to a Bonneville-owned FM station in Los Angeles in early September 1985, Charles R. (Chuck) Tweedle assumed the post of vice president and general manager of KXLR and KOIT(FM). President Jack Adamson was reassigned to new duties at Bonneville-owned KSL Salt Lake City in early October 1985.

    “Call letters were changed back from KXLR to KOIT in mid-January 1986 and, by the end of the month, its unsuccessful “Trendformation” format was dropped with the AM station switching to a Light Rock Music format, simulcasting fully the FM program schedule. Its MBS network affiliation ended at this time.”

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