Composite: New York Morning Drive | 1974

Here’s something that will leave you breathless. Starting with the rediculousness of Don Imus, this blows through four different stations. It goes in no particular order, from WNBC to a few breaks of Harry Harrison, back to WNBC, over to 1430 WNJR, to Ron Lundy on WABC and then to WXLO 99X. The largest segments, by far, belong to Imus In the Morning.

Rather than try to explain this, just listen for yourself. While the tape has no date, it sounds like it was recorded sometime between Christmas and New Year’s day… December, 1974. The first Imus segment isn’t the best audio quality, but it does improve.

Hope you like The Drifters – “White Christmas”. Imus plays it about 5 times before going into the 9AM NBC News.

660 AM New York WNBC


  1. Beebe

    I think Imus was a lot better personality with music around him. Not that he isn’t funny now, just better then.

  2. Peter

    Is Imus still on WABC?? I had heard his contract expired on his flagship station.

  3. Ellis B Feaster

    Wow! That was really cool! Loved the WNJR stuff. WNJR airchecks seem hard to come by.

  4. Imus was right about “White Christmas” by the Drifters. Great song! Was also part of the soundtrack of the holiday favorite, “Home Alone”.

  5. The Saturday between Christmas and New Year’s Day in 1974 was December 27, 1974. Although a sleepy Ron Lundy reference the top songs of “1964”!

  6. Nick

    Actually this aircheck was recorded on Saturday December 28th 1974.

  7. Steve Monroe

    Great aircheck compilation! I hadn’t heard the voice of Dave Thompson in a while, who was one of the great 99X jocks. Too bad his tenure in New York was so short. (It’s also too bad RKO General’s management of the station was so unstable).

  8. swami

    Stupid question: who’s the young dj pictured at the top of this entry?

  9. Aardvark

    Is that Paul Harvey doing the Macy’s ad? Sure sounds like him.

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