Composite (Part 3) 610 KFRC San Francisco | May 18, 1982

610 San Francisco, KFRC

Part 3 of this incredibly great sounding composite features more Harry Nelson and Mark McKay. Some of the very best audio quality can be heard on this aircheck, with only a hint of static toward the end of this tape.

For only 5,000 watts on AM, this had to be one of the greatest AM stations of all time! So good in fact, my friend Rich Brother Robin told me he’d go on the air there in a minute! Course, that was before KFRC was sold to Salem and went the way of most religious stations. Here you are, 610 fans… last in a series of composites from what was still the glory years at 610 KFRC!

610 San Francisco, KFRC


  1. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!

    You know, Mark Makay wasn’t too far off on that comment about the studio audience receiving a copy of “Johnny Cash Sings AC-DC’s Greatest Hits”, considering that the late Man In Black had collaborated with several rock acts in his later years.

    Good stuff as always.

    • Mark McKay Went To KMEL To Be The 1st All Hit DJ To Officially Kick Off The Relaunched Of KMEL As The All New All Hit 106 KMEL In 1984 Right?

  2. "Wild" Bill Shakespeare

    Having worked at “The Big 610” in the mid 80s… I can tell you there will never be another station that will capture that magic… “oops”… Somewhere in space way out in the solar system maybe someone is hearing KFRC for the first time… The old Paul Freese Close Encounters promo could be the first communication : )
    You better know the alien radios will be locked in to 610 KFRC.


  3. Calradiopd

    It was sold to Family Life Radio, not Salem.

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