13 thoughts on “July 4th Airchexx Special – Jingle Montage Remastered 2007

  1. Yes Jim, As soon as I unpack the boxes up here at my new residence I’ll start work on the next one. I have a bunch of new, different jingles obtained since this one was done the first time… so everyone hang on. Probably do one by the end of the Summer!


  2. As I’m listening to WABC’s bumpers, I can’t help but think this where the Jack outlet here in Metro NYC got the idea for some of their promo inventory. Now that the fader seems to be heading south on Jack NYC, I hope some of that history is captured. Although I’m glad some of the best in the industry will probably get their job back at WCBS-FM, I’m really going to miss the trainwreck format……

  3. The Daughtry Double Shot transitioned with a classic WABC bumper was absolutely classic radio. Fantastic! Sent chills up and down my spine. The perfect marriage on now and then. What a way to end your retrospective. Thank you Steve!

    1. Larry Mars… Well, Susan, The only DJ I ever heard with that name I last heard on an old Country station in the late 80s in Suffolk, VA. WSKX – ‘Kix 106’. Or was it WKEZ 94.1 in Yorktown? Anyway, I am not he and vice-versa. But thanks for the compliment! 🙂


  4. Congrats Steve on your blood sweat and no doubt tears in putting together this website, i recently launched my own dedicated to Australian radio airchecks site, here’s the link if you feel like checking it out //www.theradioantenna.com/
    it’s hard work i know just spent this arvo looking for gold on another old cassette some of them just won’t play anymore

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