July 4th Airchexx Special – Jingle Montage Remastered 2007

First posted back in October of 2004 on this site, the original jingle montage ran 31 minutes and was in Real Audio format. I turned this into the July 4th Special for our 7/4/2007 update.

Specifically highlighted are jingles from various sources including collector Joe Tedd from Long Island, several JAM Creative Productions packages (which I purchased), and various contributors over the years. Make note of some great, some OBSCURE cuts from WCBS-FM, WABC, WLS, WNBC, WNOK, WAKY and a boatload of individual cuts dropped in from other markets you haven’t heard jingles from in a long, long time!

This special is for the jingle lover… and the radio lover. I do say a few words, but mainly stay out of the way of this ‘aircheck’… if you can call it that.

Please… LISTEN, and enjoy this fantastic jingle montage that runs about 55 minutes long. Thats long enough to put on in the background while doing the household chores!

…Steve West