October 28, 2021

2 thoughts on “Dale Dorman, WXKS-FM Medford/Boston (Kiss 108 FM) | May 1, 1999

  1. This is a gem. This was taped 27 years after I was in afternoon drive at RKO and Dale was in mornings..27 years..think about that.

  2. Like Fine wine ! Dale was a Good Friend to us all…my college buddy John Sherman was an R K O “Tech” , and he would often tell me of the Great Fun he had while “at the controls” for Dorman ! Dale came out to Curry College (to “inspire us as Broadcasting students) with Roger Allan , RKO News Director…way long hair, and lots of juicy stories, as he told us about this guy named ” Drake” ! And , in 1994, he did me a tremendous Favor, when I called him at Kiss 108, to ask if he could please host (for an hr. or so ) an Albany, N.Y. friend who was “dying” to meet and interview Dale for a weekly little Newpaper at the time. Dale, as I understood, spent WAY more than an hour with the guy…and was so REAL and Gracious, all as he was doing his afternoon show…LONG LIVE Dale Dorman !

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