Dan Ingram’s First Show – 92.3 WKTU New York | January 14, 1985

92.3 New York WXRK WKTU

…And you’re much better lookin than Chip..


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Curator’s Notes:

For his first time on 92 KTU, Dan Ingram appears a little… lost. He’s just not himself, the confident and outrageously funny guy everyone remembered from WABC. Times change. Ingram is just getting used to this warmup for the next radio gig, as 92.3 would change formats about six months after this aircheck, to AOR, and the call letters to the well known (now) WXRK.

Oh, I don’t know. You just have to listen for yourself and make your own judgment. Ever notice that jocks who aren’t quite comfortable with a music format tend to just use the liners to death. Here, Ingram reads a few live PSAs, and for the most part just does the format straight. Since I never heard Big Dan’s show on KTU, I have no idea if he loosened up over time or not. One thing’s for certain, Dan did go over to 101.1 CBS-FM as his next major gig and really found his niche there.

Aircheck courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks