Dan Taylor on the 66 WNBC Time Machine | April 16, 1988

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Dan Taylor

“Baby I’m Yours. And then, two weeks later…”

Former WNBC PD Dale Parsons said he ‘found’ this aircheck on cassette while going through a few tapes. Dale says he thought most of his WNBC skimmer tapes are long gone, but apparently there are a few laying around just waiting to be found.
This is Former WCBS-FM Morning Man Dan Taylor on the WNBC Time Machine. In 1988, Taylor was doing weekend afternoons on WNBC, and arguably was the funniest guy on staff. If anyone could pull off the Dan Ingram (WABC) style of off-the-cuff humor, Dan Taylor could!

Taylor was really on top of his game here. There’s a one-liner for every song… intro and the song endings, and its really his snarky sense of humor that makes this formatically-perfect aircheck as good as it is.

Technically, with the exception of two small tape dropouts, this one is in almost perfect condition. Our contributor says that he had an AM Stereo boombox that he recorded this on from his then apartment in Manhattan. There is one small spot about 3/4ths of the way through, where a bit of electrical telephone pole noise appears on the WNBC signal, but thankfully it is brief and shouldn’t distract listeners from the overall aircheck.  As usual, this is telescoped to comply with U.S. copyright law.

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About the Contributor

Dale Parsons is the former Program Director and an on-air personality on WGH (AM), WTAR Norfolk VA and the PD of WNBC New York. He has been in radio ownership and is a former consultant and voiceover talent. Dale is the owner of the WGH Memories page on the web and on Facebook. He is an Airchexx Contributor since early 2021 and his voice is occasionally featured on our Official Classic Hits Station, HitOldies.

Dale Parsons is currently retired and enjoys the year-round sunshine from the island of Maui in Hawaii.


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