Dan Taylor, the Weekend Time Machine, 66 WNBC New York | December 26, 1987

WNBC Time Machine Staff
The Personalities of The WNBC Time Machine, 1987

The WNBC ‘Time Machine’ is on the air! Here’s Dan Taylor (WHN, WYNY, WCBS-FM) with one of NBC’s most popular features at the end of it’s life on 660 AM – The Time Machine! This was a great recreation of 1960s WABC right down to the PAMS jingles, resung for WNBC. Who said music was dead on AM?!! This is 1987, with only about 9 months to go before WNBC would be deleted and along with it, one of the most colorful station legacies in broadcasting history.

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660 New York WNBC
Dan Taylor and friends. Taken on the final day of WNBC.

The way things were programmed on WNBC toward the end of it’s life (Big Jay Sorensen could probably explain this much better than I), The current music was played during the daytime, if at all. Current hit music by 1987 was relegated to the Imus in the Morning show. At noontime Ray Dariano played Oldies by request. The Joey Reynolds show, when he did play music, played currents and Oldies. Music returned for the Overnight segment with various jocks on depending on the day. Meanwhile, back at the PD’s office… a brilliant plan was emerging to take WNBC Oldies full time… yea, no. WNBC was sold to Emmis Broadcasting, and CEO Jeff Smulyan (who’s still running the company by the way) decided to take WFAN, which was on 1050, a bad frequency at night, over to 660. Which meant that WNBC would be finished. But that’s a story for another time. Meanwhile, lets hear Dan Taylor at the helm of a great oldies show… the WNBC Time Machine!!!

Courtesy of Contributor Neal Bowden


  1. Steven Green

    Thanks! Loved The Time Machine then (1988) and still can not get enough of it.

    Great radio.

  2. jim

    hi i love the way dan handled the suddenly stopped cart throw it across the room good idea nothing like records about this time

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