Daniel Coloumbe, 900 CKTS Sherbrooke Que | February 9, 1985

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The city of Sherbrooke, Quebec in Winter
Date of Recording: 02.09.1985
Station: 900 CKTS (Defunct) Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Format: Top 40
Featured Air Personality: Daniel Coulombe (CKTS/CJMQ)
Contributor: Bob Gilmore


Contributor Daniel Coulombe
The station no longer exists, but the Eastern Townships’ main English speaking music station was on AM through the end of the 1980s. At 900 Khz and a power of 10,000 watts, this station was heard as far south as St. Johnsbury, VT and all across most of Southern Quebec. It was a great Top 40 outlet for the limited Anglo audience, with personalities like morning man Ted Silver, and Daniel Coloumbe.

The music is true Top 40, with all the music on the charts represented… including a fair representation of Canadian-only hits, in accordance with CTRC regulations. Included here, two complete stopsets (commercial breaks), and CKTS jingles, used infrequently – and that makes them really good!

Notice the station’s slogan in 1985, “The Amazing AM”. This was used by many AM Stereo stations at the time, but Ted Silver says that while he wanted to take the station stereo, the owners wouldn’t go for it.

Daniel Coloumbe was the station’s weekend/swing personality. This is an original recording by contributor Bob Gilmore.