Don Geronimo, 93.1 WDRQ Detroit | January, 1980

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Fans of the old “Don & Mike” Show from Washington DC will be pleasantly surprised to hear this with DON GERONIMO. This was from just before Geronimo went to WPGC Morningside (MD) (His first show there was March 17, 1980 – Hear that at THIS LINK). What a FUNNY man! Geronimo really shows off his talent here, making fun of the records and just having a good time on the air. This really showcases just how fun radio used to be, back at a time when radio was very much in transition from the wild 70s personality approach to radio, to the more subdued, liner card Adult Contemporary sound that pop radio seemed to morph into around 1980.

Notice, there’s a LOT of Rock product on the air on this Top 40 station. It seems WDRQ may have taken a few cues from WLS and it’s “Rock-40” format. But this IS FM, after all!

This was another tape that needed a bit of noise reduction and bringing up the top end of the audio spectrum. It’s not quite as good as broadcast quality, but it’s close. Total running time is 6:19, just enough to have you begging for more! Alas, that’s all for now.

Courtsy of BIG APPLE AIRCHECKS. Audio Watermarks by JEFF DAVIS and Jim O’Hara.
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