Don K. Reed and the Doo Wop Shop; 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | November 27, 1994

101.1 New York WCBS-FM

CBS-FM and that’s the sound of, yes, you know who. The Dells…

Don K. Reed and the Doo Wop Shop is open for business one more time, just after Thanksgiving on New York’s Oldies Station. This is another in the series of Doo Wop Shop airchecks we received from Contributor Steven Green, who recorded these tapes while in New York.  Thank you, Steven!

It’s remarkable how laid-back Don K. Reed is. Records run out and for a second, you can hear that record scratch… talk about authentic! For those of you who love and cherish the Doo Wop groups of the early Rock & Roll 1950s, this show will appeal to you.

For the sake of presentation, this aircheck is scoped down to 34:54, from two sides of a C-90 cassette. We have the master, unscoped copy in our archives just in case we are ever able to post unscoped airchecks. Meantime, enjoy yet another Doo Wop Shop from CBS-FM!