September 18, 2021

10 thoughts on “Dr. Don Rose, KFRC “Magic 61” – First Hour | August 11, 1986

  1. Soft AC? Um…no. There was nothing AC about Magic 61. It was a pure nostalgia/standards station. And once it found its groove under PD Harry Valentine (who arrived near year’s end), it was one of the best stations of its kind.

    The reason the call letters were only used once an hour on this day was that RKO had applied for new call letters. Fortunately, they had a change of heart before the FCC took action and withdrew the request. During the Harry Valentine era, they proudly branded themselves as “Magic 61-KFRC”,

  2. Sadly as of Wednesday night August 31 2011, KFRC 1550 AM went off the air with no warning and has been taken off the internet but I’m sure that KFRC will be back on the radio again soon. KFRC will never die.

  3. There is still KFRC Classic Hits music playing music on 106.9 FM HD2 and online. Although the website is down, you can still find KFRC Classic Hits at // by selecting “Classics/Oldies” and then selecting “KFRC.COM Classic Hits”. The music continues to play there, although there are no live announcers, they still play a good mix of classics and oldies. Hopefully they will fix their “Classic Hits” website.

  4. The Clsssic Hits music playing music on 106.9 FM HD2 is no longer playable online at You can only play the station if you have an HD Radio. This is the last of KFRC radio remaining.

    1. Well, not really. We have some great KFRC material right here on Airchexx! Don’t look for the corporate folks to be worrying about KFRC’s heritage. They’re too busy cutting…

  5. WAITastinkinsec! *WHO*!! said KFRC had gone Soft AC!?! My gosh, the only MOR stations that augmented its Standards playlist with soft rock (current or older) back then at all were just that-MOR. It would be another five years or so before Nostalgia stations would mix older soft rock hits into their playlists, during which that format. This could at least partially explain the Nostalgia format having at about the same time been renamed Adult Standards, or Standards, for short.

  6. I am listening to the aircheck of the change from top 40 to magic 61 as I type this.

    Dr. Don being the true professional, is handling the change the best he could.

    Even though his jokes could work in a lot of different formats, this was weird to listen to.

    We’ll always remember Dr. Don from his top 40 days at KFRC, WFIL and other stations.

    I heard Magic 61 when I visited the bay area a few years later. Even though it was sad to see top 40 radio end on that frequency, the standards format was executed very well.

  7. I was in my 20’s/30’s in the ’80’s and I LIKED Magic 61. I found Dr.Don’s laugh forced and annoying. I am in my 50’s now and to each their own I guess.

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