Format Change in Chicago: WCFL AM 1000 Becomes WLUP | April 29, 1987

1000 Chicago WCFL WMVP WLUP Larry Lujack Ron O'Brien Federation of Labor

Date of Recording: April 28-29, 1987
Station(s): WCFL AM 1000, WLUP/WLUP-FM 97.9 Chicago, Illinois
Featured Air Talent: Steve Dahl, Gary Meier, Jonathan Brandmeir, Patty Hayes, Various others
Contributor: Frank Davis
Aircheck Entry: 1,423


“WCFL – Nothing has changed but the religion…”

At the stroke of midnight, 4.29.87, The legendary WCFL call letters disappeared forever from AM 1000. So, too, did the unique religious programming. In a final half hour in which the station hosts said goodbye, a farewell show worthy of a great Top 40 station, the staff takes the time to say goodbye to dozens of callers… then goes out with a prayer. The next hour of this hour and a half aircheck is all the new WLUP (AM) in the minutes following the midnight flip, then later in the day. Lots of really GREAT talent heard here on this classy format change.

A much shorter, brief version of this format change is posted on Listen to it HERE.

Today, Chicago’s AM 1000 is All-Sports WMVP.