Format Change: Mellow Rock KNX-FM Los Angeles flips to CHR as HitRadio 93 | August 25, 1983

93.1 Los Angeles KKHR KNX-FM

Perhaps the most coveted aircheck on this site from Los Angeles is this format change of 93.1 FM from ‘Mellow Rock’ KNX-FM to “HitRadio 93” KKHR. Your webmaster’s experience with CBS Radio’s ‘Mellow Rock’ format is from Boston, where 103.3 WEEI-FM was Boston’s “Soft Rock”. In that case, WEEI-FM took a month to do a gradual change from Soft Rock to Top 40, then eventually a tighter CHR as WHTT (Today’s WODS).

In Los Angeles, this abrupt flip to CHR was immediately preceeded by a tastefully done history of Mellow Rock KNX-FM’s format and jingles. It marked the end of a ten year period where the ‘Mellow Rock’ format grew and flourished.

This aircheck marks the end of probably the most stable and best remembered period in 93.1’s history. The start of the HitRadio 93 format will evoke another emotion. This aircheck is about one third KNX-FM and two thirds HitRadio.

One other interesting tidbit – The KKHR call letters that were identified with HitRadio 93 were not yet authorized by the FCC, so when HitRadio launches with Todd Parker at 3:00 PM, the first legal ID is for HitRadio 93, KNX-FM Los Angeles. In Boston, HitRadio 103 began its life as WEEI-FM and later became WHTT. I guess in the corporate world, new trends tend to roll out in similar fashion at different offices, it’s mostly no different in radio.



  1. Pat Veling

    This aircheck documents the demise of the single best programmed music radio station in history. Music segues within the same key, the classic jingle series, and the best 70’s-era music and news personalities ever assembled combined to make KNX/FM the quintessential liefestyle radio station.

    I was a personality at an Orange County adult contemporary station at the time KNX/FM went off the air. LA area radio was never the same and has been a music radio wasteland ever since.

    I miss the music, the sound, and the people. I appreciate getting a chance to go back in time with your posting this aircheck. Many, many thanks.

    • Lynn

      I’m so glad to see a group of people who understood what a great station that was. I have never found anything better.
      Thanks for all the posts.

      • Michelle

        I remember KNX-FM. They had a great music format during the 1970s and was just simply a part of my life.

        KNX-FM focused mainly on the contemporary, more obscure artists that weren’t necessarily the big names in music. But the quality of music, at least to me was top notch. It had an atmosphere all its own. Then they went off the air and reemerged a few years later under new management, but the quality of music was never the same again until finally they faded away again. This time for good.

        Apparently, those in management didn’t have a clue on what the original format was like. I don’t know what they were trying to accomplish but it became abundantly clear that they didn’t know what they were doing.

        It just wasn’t the same.

    • Pat Veling

      Interesting that this thread is now 5 years old and is STILL getting commented on. Thought I would share this email from Stave Marshall, the programming architect of KNX/FM, from February, 2008. It resulted from a story on Don Barret’s website, //, which wrote about the legacy of the station and the format. (Sadly, Steve has recently been convicted of possession of child pornography and sentenced to 20 years in an Arkansas prison. I swear that’s the truth….but wish it was not.)


      Thanks, Pat. I’m really blown away by the volume of responses I have received following the publication of the article on LARP. When this much times goes by, you really don’t expect people would still have that kind of passion for something they heard so long ago. It really was another lifetime ago for me…so much has gone by since then. But I will never forget the experience. In fact, I was surprised by how much detail came floating to the surface when I sat down to write the article.

      Interesting to learn that you “lost it” to KNX/FM. I used to stress in our late night programming that people who were awake at that hour and not watching late night television were probably “doing it” and that we should be mindful of that in the music sets that we put together. I wanted to try to provide a suitable soundtrack for that experience. Glad to hear it worked for you.

      Good luck with your digitizing project. Sounds like a big one, but a worthwhile one as well.

      Thanks again for taking the time to write and for the very kind words.

      • Calradiopd

        Given Steve’s offense (to which he’s entered a guilty plea), was it really a good idea to include the loss of your virginity in the correspondence?

        • Pat Veling

          Steve’s reply to me was from 2008. He was convicted in 2010. Had I known in 2008 what I know in 2010, I would not have corresponded with him at all. It freaks me out that my email address was even stored on his computer (along with who knows what!) Ugggghhhh.

  2. James Cole

    Pat is right. I have the same aircheck on tape, dubbed from Dave Hall’s collection, one of the DJ’s of KNX-FM. I have worked through the years to restore and amass a collection of airchecks/samplers of the original KNX-FM, various formats, between 1974 and 1983.

    My dad was the VP of the CBS FM division in the 1970s and was instrumental in both founding and supporting the creation and evolution of KNX-FM, working together with general manager Bob Nelson. Bob would send my dad aircheck tapes which allowed me to discover the unique sound of KNX (as I lived on the east coast I’d never heard anything like it) and I still have those old tapes which I have been working to restore and archive on CD. I am always looking for others with KNX tapes. It was a truly original station and a format that will never be copied.

    • Scott


      I am at my wit’s end, and I need your help. I grew up in L.A. and KNX-FM was my favorite. Do you know where i could download the famous jingles from say, 1979 thru 1983 ( or all of them ) I would gladly pay for a cd of these jingles. Could you e-mail me and let me know?

      Thanks for your time.
      Scott Kegley

      • mark pane


        THANKS 714-232-2045 CALL ANYTIME, MARK

      • mark pane

        i have a few of the jingles , late at night , coffee on the brew and others

    • mark pane


      • Craig Brown

        I too grew up on the great sounds of KNX-FM in the mid-70s. Their jingles were second to none and were the most beautiful music I had ever heard.

        I regret not having recorded some of the broadcast; the next thing you knew, they were gone. I would be willing to pay anyone who has a copy of the jingles as well.


    • Michelle

      Would love a copy of KNX-FM Jingles and old station recordings on the CD format. Thank you.

      • Scott K

        Michelle , E-mail me at I have 1534 songs from KNX-FM ( plus 64 jingles spaced out on the playlist.

  3. Emil Derdowski

    I am a SoCal native who grew up in a house where KNX-FM the “mellow sound” was on almost 24-7 thanks to my father. As a child this was all I heard as he only left the dial on 93-1 FM. I remember him griping that the station was losing it’s way in early ’83. He went beserk when it flipped to “Hit Radio”.

    To this day when I hear any artist connected to that format I think my childhood, soaking in what was the in my opinion the best station ever to grace the L.A. airwaves.

    I never knew what moment the station actually flipped unitl landing on to thissite. The jingles are priceless and I remember them.This aircheck, I now have closure. My father passed in 1985, my junior year in high school.Would do anything for more airchecks or tapes of this FM legendary soft rock giant.

    Thanks to whoever made it possible to have this available over the internet. I miss this station forever. I have satellite radio but nothing will compare to KNX-FM the “mellow sound.” I am seeking any other tapes that anybody can offer, sell of this most unique station.

    Emil Derdowski
    Boulder City, Nevada

    • Scott



      THANK YOU,
      SCOTT K

  4. Wow! After listening to that aircheck, I just can’t help but wonder, what happened to the passion and creativity that used to make Radio great. Great points well taken Pat! Where are you these days? I began listening to KNX FM in the late 70’s while in High School. I loved the Mellow sounds. KNX FM was a station that took chances and played quality new music by the hotest studio musicians. Much of the music they played is timeless and still sounds fresh even 25 plus years later! Aja by Steely Dan, Europa by Gato Barbierri, etc.

    Brad Goldman, Valencia, CA

  5. Erik Bell

    Oh, the memories! I first came across KNX-FM in the early 70’s when a swimming pool that I frequented played that station daily. Of course, it didn’t hurt that, as a 12 year old male, I was deeply in love with the 21 year old beauty who was one of the lifeguards…but I digress… I loved the music, the DJ’s, the jingles, the Odessey Files, etc. Emil, I can relate to your father’s seeing changes in early 1983. I remember distinctly coming home from college for Christmas break in ’82 -’83, driving over the Cajon Pass into range of my favorite station and finding…it just didn’t sound the same. I couldn’t believe it when the format change came about and I was unaware that it ever returned. I had long gone over to the dark side of KOST and..some San Diego station that I can’t remember now.
    Is there a playlist available somewhere? Are any stations anywhere playing the same music?

  6. bill geaney

    I worked with pat at that o.c. radio station in the early eighties as an engineer and knx was the best in
    the biz.

  7. KNX/FM was my best friend in the late 70’s and early 80’s – It was the best station to me – and even though KSCA fm101.9 became my favorite of all time (I have the last hour on tape) I always look back to ‘The Mellow Sound’ for my musical upbringing. Peace – Joe The Bear

    • ArizonaBear

      I was a big fan of KNX-FM as well during the time period you described. Although it did deteriorate about a year prior to its official format change when the ‘powers-to-be’ ‘brightened’ its format. Hey; I even sent KNX a letter expressing my displeasure.

      In all fairness; KUTE-FM partially compensated for KNX but it was not as good. And a few years later; KTWV The Wave subbed for KUTE once it changed.

  8. KNX/FM was my best friend in the late 70’s and early 80’s – what a great companion to have – while my friends were listening to Def Leppard on KMET 94.7 – I perferred Jackson Browne on 93.1 – I miss this station VERY much. I have satellite radio – and it’s okay, but you miss the magic done locally by someone like “The Mellow Sound” – Peace. Joe ‘Bear’ Goria

  9. Randy Bishop

    I wanted revenge…. Those bufoons at CBS had comitted the unforgivable. Called the new management
    at KKHR- got a guy on speed answering the phones – asked if they wanted feedback on the ” new sound”.
    ” you bet “, well, it stinks, was my unwelcomed reply. I promised that my dial would NEVER venture left of 94.7 again! Broke my promise in 86 and happened upon KNX’s return – life was going to be o.k. once again. Ahhh, but it was not to last, even after my multiple calls praising them for pulling their head out. ” Like a warm mellow friend, KNX FM”
    the best jingle ever. Miss it greatly
    Randy Bishop

  10. Karen Shoop

    KNX-FM was my introduction as a teenager to Bonnie Raitt, Joan Armatrading, the folk undertakings of Led Zeppelin, and all the more interesting album cuts by Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull and other artists that were downplayed by other stations that played their singles in heavy rotation. Some of what was played was pablum, but most of it was not, and I truly miss this station, so much that years ago I created my own taped compilation of what I did have on hand of their playlist. One wonders what they would play if still extant: Shawn Colvin? The Continental Drifters? Tori Amos?

  11. Kevin Speaks

    The closest thing to KNX-FM these days is channel 50, The Loft on XM Radio

    • Moshe Kapora

      Actually, Sirius/XM radio currently has a channel called “The Bridge” which is almost identical to the legacy KNX-FM (although Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond aren’t played on “The Bridge”).

  12. Between KNX-FM (the second incarnation) and KCBS-FM, there was “Goodtime Oldies” KODJ, which was the format on 93.1 from March 2, 1989 (just shy of three years from the KKHR/KNX-FM flipback, which was May 30, 1986) until July 12, 1991.

    I know of at least one person with a copy of the KNX-FM/KODJ flip, but the KKHR/KNX-FM flip in 1986 appears to be lost in the ether forever. (I was in the car when that happened, with no way to record it. *sigh*)

  13. I was introduced to this station by my wife Fayaway, who grew up in Southern California, but who joined me on the east coast in 1979. She really missed the mellow blend that was KNX-FM. Whenever we drove out to visit her folks, we knew that we were in So. Cal. again when we could pick up the signal from this station–we were shocked and dismayed when, as we came to the point where we ought to have become enveloped in the smooth sounds of KNX, we drove headlong into a cacophonous wall composed of synthesizers, drum machines, and the screeching & wailing of the self-obsessed.

    Fay & I have tried to pull out of our collective memories the playlists from the station and gather those tunes into a playlist at // . We have had some success in remembering the tunes and just a little less in finding videos that use them. The playlist is linked to my name, above, and here:


    Anyone who can remember other songs from the playlist and wants to remind us of them can email me at hermester AT gmail DOT com . It’s so refreshing to touch base with others who recall this station, and I hope to hear from many of you soon!



  14. Rebecca

    KNX FM was the station of my youth and it filled my heart with joy. I remember awaking to the
    “new sound” of KKHR and deemed it forever as
    “the day the music died”. My warm, mellow friend was gone and I felt so lost without it.

    I loved the format, the jingles, the briliant segues, the intelligent radio personalities. I actually went to broadcasting school and became an on-air personality for a while because of this station.

    Hermester, thank you for the YouTube link of songs! I loved the “B” side record and album cuts they’d play. I fell in love with Elton John for all the songs you never heard on the mainstream stations, such as “Come Down in Time”, “Goodbye” and “All the Nasties”.

    I agree with an earlier comment here that the closest thing to KNX FM we have today is The Loft on XM satellite radio. Still, nothing will replace that timeless, classic station. I am glad to have lived in Southern California during those years and enjoyed the greatest programming of that era and perhaps of all time. Thank you to all of those at KNX FM both on air and behind the scenes for making that time of my life the best listening experience ever!

  15. Becky

    I just came across this site and was so pleased to realize that others felt as passionate about KNX FM, “The Mellow Sound of LA”, as I did. It was the backdrop to my life from the early 70’s to the end of the station. My children, who are in their 30’s,still love the groups they always heard on this station….our radio dials were always set to 93.1… was always a pleasure to drive anywhere because I could listen to this great station. I agree radio has been a vast wasteland since 93.1 except for 101.9, KSCA and I was heartbroken as well when that station went off the air…..I hear there is another station on 100.3 that is done in the style of the Mellow Sound of LA….so far it doesn’t disapoint…..


    • ArizonaBear

      For whatever it is worth: I was living in the SFV in 1983 and the format change of KNX-FM may have been a harbinger of the deterioration of SoCal on many levels. Read that things were still somewhat cool there in ’83 but by 1984 ‘something’ in the air changed.

      Suffice to say: I was living in Arizona by 1988.

  16. Corinne

    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! It was sublime to hear those late seventies KNX Fm jingles! Every now and then I check to see if there is any info I can find about my beloved station!
    As a teenager I would fall asleep with my headphones on and periodicaly wake to those jingles and the mellow music that would follow! I was lost wihout the soundtrack to my life that the station gave me. I have remained faithful with my love for that station, there is no substitute! I have not given my love to another station since!I have never found a station in any genre (on either coast) that even came close.
    I remember Richie Havens, Quarterflash, Steve Windwood, James Taylor, Ambrosia, Dave Loggins and so many others.
    I love that they were not commercial pop songs and maybe even a bit obscure! I have collected as many of the songs that I can remeber, but I loved the whole atmosphere that was created at KNX Fm.
    I am so happy to be able to hear the “jingles” (to me they were much more)- my memory didn’t do them justice. Upon hearing them, they were instantly remembered word for word. I will always miss you KNX Fm.
    I live in NY now and nothing will ever replace that station in my heart- it was perfection!I still resided in S0 Cal, when it changed and I was really saddened by the loss!
    I am happy to know that I am not alone in my allegience. I will hope that there are master tapes of the broadcasts that I can purchase on a CD collection, someday soon!
    Love to all………………..Corinne

    • Scott



      SCOTT K

  17. Warren

    I miss KNX-FM. I watched the beginning of the John Mayer DVD last night, “Where the light is”, and during the second song, “Stop this train”, memories of KNX-FM flooded back to me. That song would be just like the kind of songs that I could only hear on KNX-FM. I listened to that station originally because my father listened to it and I ended up loving the format too. The thing that truely saddens me when I think about it now after reading all these posts is that there are so many artists that KNX-Fm introduced me to that I would not have been exposed to otherwise. Rickie Lee Jones, Michael Franks, Bonnie Raitt, and so many more. And so many songs from artists that I knew, songs that were burried in albums that I hadn’t heard yet. After they changed in ’83, I was in constant search for stations that played the “gems” from the artists and their albums that the other stations overlooked. I listened to 101.9 when it came around but didn’t know until I read these posts that 101.9 was related to KNX-FM.

    I cannot listen to broadcast radio anymore. If a station like KNX-FM were to come back on the air, I would leave it on 24/7.

  18. Carolyn Aguayo

    I was Dave Hall’s intern at the time of the format change. I remember having almost full access to the record library; snatching up LPs played on the station.

    I just saw Dave today at a SAG media conference. He was, and still is, a great and prolific voice.

  19. cph

    I think I first ran across KNX-FM back around April 1981. I was in high school then, and after school I used to hang around a Radio Shack, playing on their TRS-80’s. The store almost always had KNX-FM playing in the background.

    This was not like anything I had heard before. I mostly listened to KFI and most of my classmates were into KMET or KLOS. I started listening to KNX-FM at home as well.

    I could spend some time naming the bands/songs unique (in the LA market, anyway) to KNX-FM. I think, though, I’ll go through some of my old tapes of the station and compile a list to post here later; that might be more satisfying.

    KNX became KKHR (another me-too Top 40) sometime in Fall 1983, about the time I was about to go away to UC Santa Barbara….I don’t recall if that station ever came in particularly well so far away, but it didn’t seem to matter.

    The old format came back for a short time in 1986, I was home for the summer then and was glad to have it back…..if only for a while.

    I’m not sure if anything more recent (e.g. KSCA, or “The Sound”) really compares to the old KNX-FM. Those stations had/have a vibe of their own….

  20. Rick Hunter

    Back in 1983 I transferred from WCBS-FM, New York for a gig at KNX-FM. I was with the station from the time they went live in January 83 until the switch to KKHR. Unfortunately my airchecks were lost when I moved back to New York. I was hoping someone might have some tapes of my shows out there. I was originally supposed to do middays but there was a last minute change in the line up and I ended up doing weekends. It was indeed the most unique station I have ever worked for. I’m proud to have been a part of this legendary station if only for a short time. CBS later launched a similar format in Boston…Quality Rock Q103, WMRQ…and I was there for the launch of that station as well, and continued when it switched to Oldies 103, WODS a couple of years later.

  21. Michelle Clifton

    I already had my say as I did an earlier comment. I even wrote an email to KNX 1070 expressing my disappointment. There hasn’t been a radio station that could take its place, as I call it “a gem”.

    If anyone out there knows of a website featuring old broadcasts of KNX-FM 93.1 in Los Angeles please let me know.

  22. I Miss It

    This WAS the GREATEST radio station because they played ALL the music from the artists, not just the hits. Nicolette Larson, Gordon Lightfoot, Kim Carnes, Bonnie Tyler, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Gino Vinelli, Chicago, America, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Neil Young, and on, and on, and on. I would go to sleep at night listening to the music on this station. The jingles were great. These were my high school and college years and also the years I met and dated my husband. We only listened to this station and were so sad when it went off the air! We will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary in two weeks and finding this website brings back so many wonderful memories of our life “way back then”.

    Thank you for taking us back to those wonderful times!

  23. Tim Tyler

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I have read your posts repeatedly over the last few months. Honestly, I could have never imagined that my “search” for KNX would have turned up this web site (thank you Airchexx)with people like yourselves, so articulately & accurately remembering the best station I’ve ever known. Each e-mail post, correctly captured the unique essence I so loved about KNX.

    I’m just an average guy/fan with no real experience in radio. But because I also have been looking for a replacement since then (I shudder at how many years we are talking about), you have inspired me to give an internet station a go. Is anyone still interested in this? This will be a great but worthwhile challenge for me. You folks are my greatest motivation, and I beleive that I can capture that unique mood/sound that KNX would have, even here in 2009. Any comments, suggestions or encouragement would be appreciated.

    Thank you all for sharing and for keeping the sentiment alive. I’m with you in this interest. I DO hope to be hearing from you, and you from me, in the future.

    Sincerely yours,

    Tim Tyler

    P.S. By the way, even in the prepatory phase, you can get me at: (Web Site to soon follow)

    The Mellow ?? Oh yeah 😉

  24. mojavemoog

    like many of you KNX was THE soundtrack to my life as a young boy growing up in the suburban sprawl of the San Fernando valley in the seventies. my dad was a dental supply salesman, and audiophile. he repaired dental equipment as well, and always had a project going in the garage/workshop attached to the house. he ran speaker wire out there and hooked up a set of RSL 3300 series monitors, which streamed ‘The Mellow Sound’ all day on the weekends. i’d be out there practicing on my GT skateboard in the driveway with a soundtrack that included Steely Dan, Bob Welch, Joni Mitchell, Little Feat, Warren Zevon, Chris Rea, ad infinitum. it all seemed so cooly removed, and yet emotionally acute. and presented in the most kick ass smoothness. just the best. in addition, it seemed that all the destists and orthodontists my dad worked with had it piped into there offices. somehow getting my braces tightened while meditating on what the hell ‘This is the day of the expanding man, that shape is my shade there where I used to stand..’ took my mind off the pain. thanks dad..and KNX FM. you informed my life with some REALLY good sh*t.

  25. anne

    KNX-FM was the radio station I listened to all through school. I then moved out of state, and when I would drive home for holidays, I knew I was home when I could get 93.1 on the car radio. A friend of mine once taped 3 hours of the station as a present for me! Most of the records I have are “one-hit wonders” that I first heard on that station. I wish there was another like it.

    • Frank

      Wow – do you still have that tape!?

  26. Paolo

    “It’s late at night…the coffee’s on the brew. The little things we talk about, the simple things we do. The music is low, my heart is so high. It’s time that you know that I just can’t keep inside. So there’s one more song, keep it moving on….play one that never ends. One more song, play a love song…KNX-FM.”

    (One of several great jingles. Totally by recollection. Probably about 90% accurate.)

    • Pat Veling

      Correction to the above (accurate, as I have the aircheck) —

      “It’s late at night. Coffee’s on the brew. Crazy things we talk about, the crazy things we do. Well, the music’s on low, my heart — it’s so high. It’s time I should go, but I just can’t say goodbye. So it’s one more song, I’ll be movin’ on….play one that never ends. One more song, I’ll be movin’ on, play a long one, KNX/FM. KNX/FM.”

  27. Bryan Simmons

    Almost worked there! Back in 1979 I was doing midday’s at AOR KZAP in Sacramento and got a message from our receptionist to “call Michael”. Michael was Michael Sheehy who had just become KNX-FM’s Program Director. He wanted to know if I would like to audition for the job that opened when his predecessor Steve Marshall left. I figured I didn’t have a prayer, but thought it would be a cool learning experience and made the flight down to LA on a Friday. What a great 2 days I had! Micheal Sheehy was simply the best, coolest guy ever. And I did learn. Back then the station was automated but sounded better than most of the best “live” operations. The songs flowed from one to the next, always in the same key. I learned how to prep music this way and a lot of other aspects as well. My two days at Columbia Square were like a few years somewhere else. I didn’t get the job of course. I figured someone who wasn’t even old enough to drink was a bit young to score the music director/daytime voice gig at a CBS station in what was then market 3, but Michael told me I came close. I auditioned with the man who did get the job. A wonderful fellow named David Hall who has been playing the coroner on CSI since it’s start. He deserved the job, but I’m so glad that I had the experience. Dave Hall and I would later work together after he left KNX-FM for a short time at KOST. KNX-FM never got the credit it deserved for being one of the best programmed and executed stations on the planet. One of the classiest too.

  28. mark pane


  29. Calradiopd

    KNX-FM’s peak year was 1976…it was a downhill slide for 7 years in the ratings until the switch to KKHR. That didn’t work, either…in fact, nothing did until Arrow 93 in the 90s. But Jack has been more consistently strong than Arrow was…in the top 10 virtually every book for the past 5 years.

  30. I came across KNX-FM in late 1977 and listened to it until sometime in 1983 as I recall. During those years KNX-FM was a good friend to me. Really heard some outstanding music that it seemed to me would not normally get air time on other stations. Sometimes after hearing a great song, I would go to Tower Records and purchase the album. Today many of the songs on my Ipod, come together as a cross section sampler of outstanding, but perhaps long forgotten music, from 1977 – 1983 that were played on KNX-FM. Fortunately, a few years ago, I was able to purchase a turntable that plugs into a computer, and converts analog vinyl LP records into digital, and transfers them to your itunes, and thus Ipod. So I am able to hear them again without wearing out the record. Really miss the mellow sound of KNX-FM, and have for decades. In 1980, I thought, this is not going to last forever, and I recorded some music on a cassette tape from KNX-FM… Just pushed record, and let it go pausing here and there. Did the same thing, in 1981, on a thursday. I don’t listend to them much, because I do not wish to wear them out. Got some of the KNX-FM jingles ( which were great ), and DJ Voices. Oh.. I remember it was a thursday in 1981, because I remember, hearing / recording something like: Dave Hall here with you on a thursday morning …

  31. Tom R

    Excellent to read these thoughts, I’ve had many similar since the early 1980s when enjoying KNX-FM. Yes, it was a rare combination of mood, music, and a few other items (Odessey files, etc) that was a high point not matched in FM radio since. (Sirus XM “the bridge” is close). The mix of artists, well known and little known was super. Linda Rondstadt, Bob Welsh, Eye-to-eye, to name a few. I have an old cassette tape (or a couple) with recorded music somewhere in the garage, that I used to pull out about 15 years ago. Has the jingles too, it’s about time I get a beverage and go look for it… great that all you folks really appreciated KNX as well

  32. Melissa W.

    Gee, this is great to have a tribute page to this late, great station, KNX FM. I first listened shortly after moving to LA in ’79 when I was quite young. It was a tough time for me, and I was alone a lot, and all I had was a radio. I listened to KNX until late, every single night. I especially loved the music of an artist named Ian Matthews. The album they had in rotation was Stealin’ Home, and the songs were so beautiful. In early 1984 I was introduced to him at a party and we fell in love, and were together for five years. Regardless, this station was brilliantly executed and it had the best format ever. It is THE station from LA that I will always remember as the BEST. My best to everyone who made it happen, and thanks to whoever put this thread up, and provided the air checks. I’m welling up with so much emotion now listening to this.

  33. Alleycat

    Miss this mellow sound SOOOO MUCH!!! That was the way of the 70s, music was at its best at that time. I agree with everyone else, that was the BEST station at the time. This “smooth jazz” of today is nothing but glorified soft rock by artists we don’t want to hear.

    I really miss this kind of music – mellow because it really was a mellow time, needs to come back due to the stresses of today. Now living in Houston, TX. Some good jazz in this town, but nothing will EVER replace that mellow sound from KNX-FM and KRLA on the AM dial in the 70s. No city, not even LA with its WAVE, comes close to this. Visit LA every so often, and its “smooth jazz” always is disappointing. Go to Youtube for people like Evie Sands, etc. who were featured on KNX FM and KRLA AM. There will never be another.

  34. Frank

    Just read all of the posts. Great memories being shared. I always enjoyed the mellow sound of KNX FM. It was part of my life – college from 1972 – 74 and continuing up until 1983 went it went off the air. That was a very sad day. All of those jingles, the music, the “Odessey Files” with Paul Crosswhite. I think it last Monday morning, 11/8/10, around 6 am, I just caught Dave Hall speaking on 100.3 FM regarding a one hour radio show he was going to do about KNX FM. When he was speaking, what caught me was a couple of KNX jingles he played. I could not believe what I was hearing – it had been years! Anyway, I missed part of his announcement, but for a few seconds, I went back in time. Thanks Dave Hall, thanks Pat Veling, thanks Paul Crosswhite, and to the rest of the KNX FM staff who made an everlasting impression in our hearts.

  35. Matt

    KNX-FM was a great station.

    I listened to this live 27 years ago when it happened. The last half hour of Mellow Rock, the compilation of jingles, and the switch. I taped it and probably still have the same aircheck somewhere. “and you have no idea how long I’ve waited to say that!” Really odd to hear this again so many years later. I remember it like it was yesterday.

    What a sad day when the station flipped formats. The mellow rock programming was so good. The Bridge on Sirius (33) pretty solidly carries on in the tradition of KNX-FM.

  36. Greg

    Nothing more I can add to the long list of those who grew up with and couldn’t get enough of “the mellow sound.” Just wondering, does anyone know for sure when the format first began? Michael says on the aircheck that it was 1/3/73 but I’ve read in other places that it was in 1971. I figure he should know, but just curious…

  37. Robert Archuletta

    KNX-FM was my favorite station.I’ll never forget the day I stumbled upon it in 74.I was an 8th grader at Killingsworth and was messing around with a portable fm radio.They were playing Best of my Love by the Eagles and I was instantly hooked on the station.The station took me through my High School years at Artesia High. Was sad to see it go.

  38. Patrick

    We had a station like that in Chicago — ‘BBM-FM. Same jingles even. I have a cassette tape of the BBM-FM jingles thanks to the generosity of the late Phil Forgili (Tony Philips) who was a jock there. In ’83 they became “96 Now” and today they are the UrbanCHR powerhouse B96. I also agree, the closest thing is the Bridge on XM-Sirius.

  39. calradiopd

    KNX-FM and ‘BBM-FM were (and are, under their current call letter) CBS owned and operated stations.

    • Scott K

      Okay kids. It’s your lucky day. I have 8 of the jingles from 1978-1982 intact. I will forward them to you as attachments , so your Music Player will open the M.P.3S
      E mail address is Download and bring back some L.A. memories

  40. Jon Niemann

    Wow! I was creating a KNX FM playlist for my ipod and decided to do some research to see if I could get some of the “bumper” jingles to complete the project. I sent an email to Scott above, hopeful they will be in the inbox soon.
    It was great reading this thread and hearing from all the other Southern Californians who are wistful for that mellow, warm and inviting format. Each time I listen to my ersatz playlist I am transported back to Ventura County and the RCA Symphonic console against the knotty pine paneling; the warm vacuum tube smell and that mellow sound…Stereo 93, KNX – FM…where the music is….

    • Scott

      Didn’t know you did. Send me your e-mail again, and I’ll send them to you.


    • Scott


      Didn’t know you e-mailed me. I posted all 61 Jingles on Dropbox in the Public File so anyone can access them.

  41. Phil

    One of my favorite songs from the KNX-FM era was “All Things Must Pass,” by George Harrison. I guess it’s true.
    There will never be anything like the music that was played on this station. KNX-FM was my companion everywhere I drove my 1972 Datsun 240Z. It was the best of times, and KNX-FM was one of the reasons that it was.
    It’s too bad that indeed…”All Things Must Pass.”

    • ckbr

      My boyfriend had a beautiful 240Z also. The car, the guy, the music was heaven.

  42. Stacey

    “It’s late at night,
    coffees on the brew.
    The crazy things we talk about,
    the crazy things we do.
    Well the music’s all low,
    my heart is so high.
    It’s time I should go,
    but I just can’t say goodbye…
    So its one more song I’ll be movin’ on, play one that never ends.
    One more song I’ll be movin’ on,
    play a long one.
    KNX-FM… KNX-FM…”

    28 years ago now this month, and I still get a tear when I sing this jingle to myself…

  43. MIG

    My wife and I both grew up in L.A. listening to the mellow sound of KNX-FM.

    Today we sometimes have fun listening to “The Bridge” on Sirius-XM; I’ll ask my dw “Was this one on KNX-FM? Was this one? etc. etc.”

    While “The Bridge” format comes fairly close to KNX-FM (though there’s absolutely zero Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand – both mainstays of KNX-FM), there are some major problems, in my opinion:

    1) “The Bridge” is merely a jukebox; there are no “Odessey File”-type snippets, no patter, no jingles, no nothing; just the same limited number of ’70s and early ’80s songs repeated to death.

    2) The repetition is unbearable; more than once I’ve heard the same song repeated within 24 hours. When I rarely detect a “new” (from the ’70s) song on “The Bridge,” I become surprised, intrigued, and ecstatic.

    3) Though KNX-FM was automated, it sounded live, and most people I knew though that the announcers were live. Sirius-XM does this (very successfully, in my opinion) on other stations, such as the “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” station. I once met one of the DJs on that station; he told me that he goes into a studio and records all of his patter a few days before his shows air… the songs are fitted in-between his dialogue, reminding me of the formatics of KNX-FM (though I feel that jingles are sorely missing on the LSUG station as well).

    4) KNX-FM was always a contemporary station; there’s a limited number of songs from the past, though some very good songs perfectly suited to the KNX-FM sound and vibe are released every day. I would love to hear at least a few contemporary songs segued between the core KNX-FM songs and artists on the Bridge. What would be so terrible about airing a brand new Glen Campbell song on “The Bridge” (as I heard yesterday on Sirius-XM’s “Outlaw Country” station)? Nothing, in my opinion… it would make the station fresh and relevant in addition to being a nostalgic station.

    6) “The Bridge” desparately needs classic or classic-sounding jingles!

  44. SMG

    In the late 1970’s I moved to Southern California to take a job with a start-up company. KNX-FM was playing in the office the day I arrived and until the flip to KKHR, it was the ONLY radio station that EVER played during business hours. Wish CBS had asked us about fooling with the format. When we mistakenly switched our “music on hold” from KNX-FM to a series of short promo blurbs for our company, our customers/callers let us know in short order that the majority preferred “the mellow sound” to our (expensively produced) messages and we hastily switched back. KNX-FM comprised the soundtrack for many memorable years in the LA area and I still miss its sound like crazy. Nice to see there are so many of us still out there who’ve never forgotten….

  45. Haven’t looked at this post in a long while considering how many comments there are, I’m going to re-master this so you don’t have to use the real player. Maybe this weekend 🙂

    • Have updated this aircheck to mp3 format compatible with just about every player including the iphone. Enjoy!

  46. Cheri

    Anyone in LA remember that during these great years of KNX a lot of the artists they played would also sing at The Golden Bear in Huntington Beach? Kenny Rankin comes to mind right off…I remember hearing The Doobie Bros sing “Wynkin, Blinkin, and Nod”…in fact I downloaded that song from Napster years ago…thanks to remember it from my non-stop listening of KNX-FM!…so glad to know that I’m not the only one who misses the hell out of KNX-FM!!!

  47. Scott

    Wow , had about 30 people e-mail me for the ” Jingles ” ( of which I actually have 7) Thanks to Steve Geer and Dr. Cheri for sharing their music and memories with me. You two rock ( or should I say ” Mellow Rock ” )Happy Holidays to everyone on this site, and e-mail me if you need the ” Jingles” I’m still looking for the rest !

    • Karen

      Hello Scott, I would be interested in the jingles.. many of which I can still recall. I was so in love with the music of KNX-FM. It made me feel good at a time when my life wasn’t so good. It was like a great friend who was always there for me.I was a young mother… now… an older grandmother. My how time flies.. but we still all remember the good things we miss. Let me know how you would like me to pay for this and thank you.. My footnote would be.. I now am an NPR junkie.. They have some awesome music shows where you can hear GREAT music. I am currently living in Eureka, CA ( escaped LA)and my NPR station is KHSU and yes, I am a member.

      • Miss Karen , it’s your lucky day !!I have ALL of them. All 61 Jingles on my hard drive as MP’3s E-mail me at and we’ll figure out how to get ’em to you.

        Scott K.

  48. Duncan MacGregor

    A terrifying wonderful time in my life and my background music was always KNXFM. I”ve got some old cassettes full of programming because I think I knew they were going to eventually screw it up. And the did. Last time I tried to listen to them they were wonderful. I drove to Vegas and back with them on. The next time I tried to play them, nothing, wouldn’t work. I’ll have to open them and try to repair them. Love to find the original playlists for ’73 thru ’79.

    • Scott K

      Karen ,
      Just gimme’ an e-mail, and I’ll send ’em.

  49. Rebecca

    KNX made me so happy….a good part of my life…I could always listen to the music and feel great….such a huge loss in my life when it went off the air. 101.9 KSCA here in LA was also a great station….till it sold out. Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond were never played on KNX….the station has influenced my musical taste to this day….The Bridge on Serius is very similar…..

  50. Cecilia

    KNX was mainly mellow rock until around 1982, when it began experimenting just a little bit with some more eclectic material. At that time, KNX broke all the molds. I remember hearing little-known songs by the likes of Duran Duran, Tears for Fears and Mental As Anything. It was done so well that they were able to integrate it seamlessly with their softer offerings. When the announcement came over the airwaves that they were changing over to a “Hit Radio” format, my stomach dropped. I was at work, and I was practically in tears. So many important memories were tied to KNX-fm. I’ve never found anything like it since.

  51. Actually They Were 3 HitRadios In The ’80’s, WHTT HitRadio 103 In Boston, KKHR HitRadio 93 In Los Angeles, And The 1 That Started It All KHTR HitRadio 103 In St. Louis.

    Vaughn B.

  52. Scott K.

    OK guys. Check on Facebook. There is a KNX-FM page. About halfway down are 26 minutes and 37 seconds of KNX-FM Jingles. Perfect quality too. Enjoy

  53. Rick Gardner

    Having lived throughout California and the east coast,
    I have never found a station that compares or comes
    close to KNX-FM. Now residing in Hawaii… Rick

  54. Josh Diaz

    It was great that 93.1 LA changed from a too soft Elevator music format to an upbeat CHR format and the first song on the CHR format was by a local Los Angeles recording artist, Michael Jackson. KNX-FM had very low ratings and Hitradio 93 was needed to keep ratings afloat. CHR is an awesome format and is much better than that Mellow Rock.

  55. Missing KNX

    Oh, the stories I could tell, but I won’t. My Ex worked there from the late 70’s until the switch-over, and then he worked for CBS-AM downstairs.

  56. Michael Coleman

    James it neat that you mention Dave Hall. He and Michael Sheehy were my mentors at KNX-FM circa 1980, when I was an intern. I learned invaluable programming lessons from those two. KNX FM and AM launched my career.

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