Format Change: WMBZ 94.1 The Buzz Memphis flips to Snap! 94.1 | October 27, 2006

This one is very much an example of the cause-and-effect of corporate mergers. Consider the previous format change at 94.1 FM. Entercom had just closed on the purchase of WOGY-FM from Sinclair Broadcasting in January, 2000. The ink was barely dry on this purchase when it became obvious to most observers that the writing was on the wall for the country station known as “Froggy 94”. Rumors had abounded for months about a flip to something – top candidate was a format known as “The Buzz” – the slogan for the station 94.1 would become in January ’01. The difference was, in the Fall of ’00, “The Buzz” was the monikker for Entercom’s then hot 80s format, not Modern AC.

When the Buzz format launched, there were high company hopes that this station would fit well between HotAC WMC-FM 100, Alternative 92.9 WMFS and even CHR 107.5 Kiss-FM, while complimenting sister (and ratings/revenue monster) WRVR 104.5 The River. While at the outset the format change and music mix did attract a lot of listener attention and did pull from the above named stations, the effect was not as long-lived as Entercom would hope. The Buzz did manage to sound the death knell for then WKSL ‘Kiss-FM’ (it flipped first to Rhythmic WYYL “Wild 107.5”, then became home to AAA WMPS 107.5 “The Memphis Pig” before returning to CHR in 2003 as WHBQ-FM “Q107.5”), and spark minor format tweaks at WMC-FM, but overall it was not enough.

PD and morning host Kramer was relieved of his duties in 2004, replaced first by the team of Brad & Dana, then later by the syndicated “Kid Kraddock in the Morning” show. Brad & Dana would move to afternoons when perhaps the only format icon on the station, Argo, was released in 2005 to make room for Kraddock. With most of the format staple jocks gone, ratings continued to slump as the music was tweaked from core Adult Alternative crossovers to a more pop mix. In fact, 94.1 began an irreversable downward slide in ’04 which continued until the format was finally put out of its misery, following the purchase of former rivals WMC-FM and WMFS.

94.1 The Buzz WMBZ - 1/24/01 - 10/27/06Snap 94.1 Memphis


  1. paula coleman

    The new snap is awful. What do you call that music? I listened to 8 songs in a row and they were all female pop. The only tolerable song of the bunch was a Madonna song 15 yrs old. The Buzz was much better!!!

    This one will never make it. Everyone I know hates it.

  2. DEREK



  3. Darrell

    I really like this station. It’s great. The Buzz was super blazing in the beginning but it couldn’t maintain. This is for a large diverse group of music loving adults. And it would be in the stations interest to advertise and market across the board so everyone in the Mid-South can become aware of this station.

  4. Lamont Brooks

    You guys need to update your library. I am hearing the same format over and over again. You need more techno for example

    Kylie Minogue
    Lil’ suzie
    Stevie B

    Go ahead a bust out with that pop

    Britiney Spears
    New kids
    Backstreet boys
    Blaque Ivory
    S club seven
    Cheetah girls
    High school musical

    You need to play more decent rap
    even the recent

    Lady Sovereign- Love me or hate me (vorizon commercial)

    Do me proud

  5. Dawn

    Well, I am not too overly impressed with the new Snap. I kind of like being reminded of the stupid songs I loved in high school but, I am really tired of hearing the same ones over and over and over. I liked the buzz, they could have stayed a little more rock and I think that would have been a smarter move. They went too soft!!! I hope that 94 revamps soon and gives us dj’s and bring back Kidd Kraddick!!!!! We need some juice. Please make an fix the station soon……

  6. cheree

    I also have deleted 94.1 from my presets! Kidd Kraddick and crew made me laugh every morning and I always tuned in for the Beale Street Diary every afternoon. Snap is a step in the wrong direction. Bring Kidd Kraddick back somehow!

  7. michelle

    the new snap is ok it brings back alot of memories from high school but I miss Brad and Dana you need to atleast bring them back

  8. Bethany

    Ugh, the new 94.1 is terrible! It’s all old, old music, with maybe one new song every 2 hours. All my friends and coworkers have already deleted it from their radio presets and I have too. I really loved Brad and Dana, and the Kidd Kraddick show was fun too. Now all there is to listen to is 93X and Q107.5. We’ll miss you 94.1 the Buzz!

  9. Greg Roberts

    This is what happens when you put the villiage idiot in charge of a radio station. What demographics are they realy going for???? They play “Its raining men” three times every hour mixed with rap and other off the wall music mix. And could the name Snap be any gayer. I have taken 94.1 off my presets. The only way I would listen to Snap is if they returned Kidd Kraddick in the morning and then I would turn it off when the returned to their awful music mix.

  10. Brady

    What a knock off on JACK with that opening intro.
    Have not heard the format, per se, however from the views I get hear SNAP will last as quick as one.

    The BUZZ was good. Kradrick sucked and they needed jocks on all shifts, but Brad and Dana in the afternoon and the all 80s weekend was worth the listen.

  11. So now gang, remember that I was one of the THE ORIGINAL Buzz jocks. I, and the man named Greg Peters were there to flip the switch in January ’01… Peters left after 3 weeks (and he always has a few choice words when he tells the story). I hung around until July 4th weekend. Original lineup after Peters left was:

    Kramer – Mornings
    Nikki – Middays
    Argo – Afternoons
    Steve West – Evenings
    Jerry Dean – Overnights

    You guys remember the Buzz Ninjas? That was the original road crew, and a couple of them made it to the air.

    It was a very fun time and the station did kick serious ass in its first year (although some would say Froggy 94, the country station it replaced, had much more character).

  12. I can’t believe Snap is still around. It seems like the format is stuck where it is given the other bases being covered elsewhere in Memphis radio. Where could it go possibly? Even with a 0.9 in the latest trends (as of 6/16/08), the only way I can think of to end Snap 94.1 would be to move X to 94.1 and do Classic Country or Oldies on 92.9, or maybe bring back Froggy.

  13. Russell Anderson

    yeah i really do miss the 94.1 the buzz, while on vacation i came across another station while in arkansas called 100.3 the edge this brought back the feelings that the buzz gave me, dont get me wrong i liked listening to the morning with brad and dana, and the late night guys but the music played there was really what made the stations.

    i myself didnt want Kid Kraddict there at first but when they had full hours of nonstop music all night those where great.

    i wish the broadcast from 100.3 was long enough to reach my location =( other then that all there is left is 93X and 107.5 nothing else to listen to.

    • Russell, I was part of the original Buzz crew that took over when the old Froggy 94 Country station got blown up. In fact, I was Jumpin’ Jack Flash on Froggy and Steve West on 94-1 The Buzz. I was the last holdout from the old staff and made it till the 4th of July weekend ’01 till I got the “we gotta change direction” speech. I went on to Kix 106, then FM 100 and the best gig ever!

      Yeah, what a great station it was for the first few years. Sometime around 2003, they started messing with it. When they fired Kramer, the soul of the station went with him. Kid Kraddock was a syndicated show delivered by satellite. There was nobody home in the morning, then they got rid of Argo (and he landed the BIG gig at Elvis Radio Sirius 13)… really, Brad & Dana were all that was left of the Buzz after they gutted the place. And it was right around that time that they started dropping a lot of the rock tunes in favor of more pop crap. Buzz was doomed from then on, and we all knew it over at FM 100.

      Dana Fox was originally hired by Kramer in 2002. At the time, she was at Metro Traffic which the Buzz started airing. Kramer liked her and thought she’d be the perfect sidekick. In the end, Ops manager Jerry Dean didn’t like Kramer’s numbers and let Kramer go after firing him from his PD position first. Dean kept Dana Fox and then brought in Brad from somewhere… I don’t recall at this point.

      I have always been of the opinion that 94.1 was in a position to go head to head with 93X, bury it, and carve out it’s own profitable niche, since the music was a more mainstream, adult version of WMFS. If it had been done before blowing Kramer out, they really woulda had something. Instead, the Entercom bosses took the sissy way out, and stupidly went more mainstream AC with it… directly competing with sister station WRVR and going up against WMC-FM. Why on Earth the corporate talking heads always seem to think that these female-friendly formats are the only things that make money is beyond me. All I know is, 94.1 turned into a format-of-the-month frequency for a time and really didn’t do much till the classic-hits 94.1 KQK format came along. I haven’t heard it but I’m told it sounds pretty good. We’ll see how long it lasts.

  14. Daniel Fendley

    I like both the Buzz and Snap better than this stupid classic hits KQK. It sucks. I would enjoy bringing back either one. I listed to 94.1 when it was both the Buzz and Snap. But now, I never listen to it. I mostly listen to Q107.5 and FM100. By the way Dana Fox is now on FM100 and Steven Conley and Karen Parin are now on 94.1. They switched stations.

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