Fred Winston, Dick Saint & Doug Dahlgren, 890 WLS Chicago | March 12, 1976

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks - Thanks!

…There’ll be no high today, sorry…. I’m high… no no no… I’m kidding. I wish I was high… no haha just kidding…

If we had a ratings system, this would get four stars! Wait! Actually, we do! Try it.

This aircheck comes to us from Ira Menacker via Matt Seinberg. Thanks to both of them.

Now, the story behind the story… so to speak on this bitterly cold March day, is that Dick & Doug had been fired from crosstown rival WCFL. Many of you who come to this site probably already know the story, but for the benefit of those who don’t, here it is in a nutshell. WCFL was changing formats from Top 40 to Beautiful Music (Elevator music, Easy Listening… whatever label fit at the time). D&D were being blown out along with most of the staff, EXCEPT, Larry Lujack who would continue doing afternoon jock playing Chicago’s most beautiful music.

Apparently, the morning team was given an opportunity to do a ‘last show’. Well, they spoke a little too much about the impending format changes, and about mid-way through the show, management arrived and took all the microphones, and politely escorted the two out of the station!

What you hear on this aircheck is a hilarious morning show. Fred Winston invites Dick & Doug to appear on his show and what follows is anarchy. The duo even lock Winston out of the studio at one point!

This is what radio used to be like. Spontaneous and enormously funny! Seems like yesterday.