Rick Hunter, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | 1986

101.1 FM New York WCBS-FM CBSFM Bill Brown Bag Golden 101
WCBS-FM Logo, original Oldies format circa 1999

New Contributor Rick Hunter’s self-submitted skimmer makes us all yearn for the old 101 WCBS-FM, complete with REAL Oldies music and a roster of the Who’s Who of New York radio broadcasters.

Rick Hunter was less known in the 80s but as this QuickCheck shows, he was a natural talent that was going places. After WCBS, Rick went to Boston and stayed in the Infinity/CBS fold at 103.3 FM… first WMRQ and stayed on through the format change to Oldies WODS as that station’s Afternoon host.

But, we’re talking WCBS-FM here, and Rick fits right in, this particular day filling in for the one and only Max Kinkel! Return with us now to 1986, which many will remember was a time when the World’s Greatest Oldies station actually played CURRENTS in rotation, verified here by the clip of Survivor’s “The Search Is Over”.

As we wait for Rick to send us something from WODS… here he is in an ad for WODS…

You can view Rick’s public Linkedin profile here.
And now… Rick Hunter on 101 CBS-FM!