Gary Pallent; Jefferson K., 580 KIKX Tucson | June 19, 1967

580 Tucson KIKX

580 Tucson KIKX Towers

“…Sound of Music Machine, Great 58 heavyweight!”

One has to ask the question. Was it the processing, or did every Kicks 58 jock have deep voices? The three people heard on this aircheck sound like they are in the cellar!

The audio quality is marginal, at best. I did what I could to clean up the actual audio and reduce some of the white tape noise. I telescoped the music out for legal purposes as usual, but saved the commercials and a full newscast. If you are fine with a decent, listenable recording, you will REALLY enjoy this!

The voices you will hear belong to Gary Pallent, Newsman Robert Savage and then Jefferson K., who is the jock on the second part of this aircheck.


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