September 27, 2021

13 thoughts on “Geoff Edwards, 710 KMPC Los Angeles | November 13, 1978

  1. Oh wow! What a cool aircheck. This is the same Geoff Edwards that used to be a gameshow host. Remember that syndicated gameshow called Treasure Hunt?

  2. Full-Service AC on the AM Band was a staple in the 70’s and even into the 80’s in a number of markets. KMPC (owned at the time by the singing cowboy Gene Autry) was one of the stations that “set the bar” for this format. Geoff Edwards turned 80 this year and has had quite the career in the biz—as a radio newsman in the early 60’s, he was in the basement of the Dallas Police Dept in November 1963 and witnessed Jack Ruby assassinate Lee Harvey Oswald!

  3. This aircheck is running 1.5-2% slow. Not major, but noticeable if you’re familiar with Geoff’s voice.

    Geoff was brilliant on KMPC.

    And to amplify on Joe’s comments, after Dallas, Geoff was PD of KHJ….just before Drake. He went on to mornings at KFI, and posed such a threat to KMPC’s morning man, Dick Whittinghill, that in fall, 1968, KMPC offered him more money to do 9-noon than he was making doing morning drive at KFI.

    Taking Geoff’s place at KFI were Lohman & Barkley…who eventually did take Whittinghill down in the ratings.

  4. Correction of my own post: Lohman and Barkley replaced Geoff at KFI in the fall of ’68, but I’ve just heard an aircheck of Geoff sitting in for Whittinghill on KMPC from June 14 of that year. No mention in the short bit I heard whether Geoff had his own show at KMPC or not. This could have been his audition or introduction.

    Whittinghill rarely had other fulltime KMPC personalities fill in for him. Instead, he’d get celebrities or former competitors (which Geoff was, having just left 3 years of morning drive at KFI).

  5. Great aircheck. So few MOR/AC Full Service airchecks available as compared to Top 40. Also, If the postcard picture of Geoff was pulled from Kevin Gershon’s salute to KMPC website that is one item amongst several that I provided to Kevin for his site.

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