Geoff Fox, 95 WPEN Philadelphia | Sometime, 1978

Geoff Fox and WPEN both have exciting histories – Fox was an AM Top 40 Deejay before obtaining a degree in meteorology and launching a career in Television. He was a longtime Weatherman for WTNH News 8 in New Haven, CT before being let go in 2010 (in favor of a young female Meteorologist). Fox moved to NBC Connecticut in Bristol shortly afterwards.

WPEN – 95 PEN as it was know by through most of the 1970s, was a pop music station, with more of an AC lean to the format towards the end of the 70s’, before flipping to Adult Standards in 1980. WPEN was also a pioneer in the use of Motorola ‘C-Quam’ AM Stereo through much of the 1980s, 1990s and even the early 2000s.

Recorded in 1978, here’s Geoff Fox sounding fantastic as a Top 40 personality – I’m sure you’ll agree he’s got the perfect voice for the format, and his timing is right on the mark! You’ll really enjoy this high-quality AM recording, with just a hint of carrier whistle on the signal, as this was apparently recorded with a good, fairly wide-banded AM receiver on tape that survived the test of time very well.

Philadelphia radio historians are cordially invited to comment on WPEN’s format in 1978.

WPEN Logo, circa 1969


  1. Steven Green

    Great memory. For a number of months, I had Geoff Fox on the radio on 95/WPEN when I was getting ready to take SEPTA to work in Philadelphia in the morning.

  2. brian carter

    95 PEN had been 50’s/60’s
    Oldies with a simulcast on 102.9 ..great sounding station but didnt make it…56WFIL was starting to die out..610WIP was still the big AC in the market…i suspect they were going after WIP..Mike St John ended up at WOGL years later doin OLDIES.Elaine Soncini ended up at WPEN years later when the went MOYL and became a contender in the 80’s..on this check they added some more “current” music..but kept a SUNDAY oldies show…..Geoff Fox didnt he work at WBT?

  3. Guy Lobner

    This would have to be from January 1978, because of the passing of Hubert Humphrey, and what would have been Martin Luther King’s birthday.

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