Greg Brown in “Chicago Radio Spotlight”

104.3 Chicago WJMK Dick Biondi on top of a Pizza Greg Brown

Greg Brown contacted us several years ago. Brown, former Chicago wakeup guy and WJMK (the former Oldies station) & WKQX jock to remind us he was written up on Rick Kaempfer’s blog, “Chicago Radio Spotlight” in 2007.

It’s my first visit and this looks quite amazing. There are interviews with many of the great Chicago area personalities, like Clark Webber, John Records Landecker, Jeff Davis and others. Now Greg Brown. It’s a full interview that will open your eyes about Chicago radio, especially in the 1980s, and Brown shares his thoughts about the JACK format and HD radio.


As a bonus, here’s a great, albeit short, aircheck of him on WJMK Oldies 104.3!

104.3 Chicago WJMK Greg Brown


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