“Guess Who” – 1170 KCBQ San Diego | January 26, 1971

1170 San Diego, KCBQ

Date of Recording: 01.26.1971
Station: 1170 KCBQ San Diego, California, USA
Format: Top 40
Featured Air Personality: Various
Date of Update: 10.02.2017
Original Post Date: 01.13.2005
Airchexx Entry: 233

Curator’s (Updated) Notes:

KCBQ was in the midst of morphing from what it was in the 60s to what it became – a 70s powerhouse Top 40 station known for its one shotgun jingle, and what became known as the “Q” format. Wikipedia describes the era this way:

KCBQ had been one of the leading AM Top 40 stations in San Diego and was a model for the rest of the nation. KCBQ began broadcasting Top 40 music in the late 1950s and continued with the format through the 1960s and 1970s with great success. The station achieved national prominence in 1972-1973 with its presentation of “The Last Contest,” a promotional and production extravaganza created by program director Jack McCoy. The promotion was later syndicated nationally by TM Productions of Dallas, and KCBQ’s on-air format was widely copied as the “Q format.” KCBQ’s success prompted a substantial number of Top 40 stations to apply to the Federal Communications Commission for new call letters which included the letter Q. During its Top 40 heyday, KCBQ was owned by Bartell Media Corporation.

Today, KCBQ is known as “1170 The Answer“, a Conservative Talk station owned by Christian-based Salem Communications.