QuickCheck: Wendy Williams, WPLJ Power 95 New York | October, 1989


Date of Reissue: 10.18.2017
Station: 95.5 WPLJ (WABC-FM) New York, New York, USA
Format: CHR
Featured Air Personality: Wendy Williams
Contributor: Robyn Watts
Original Post Date: October 30, 2007
Airchexx Entry: 653

Curator’s Notes:

The writeup of this aircheck was written just about ten years ago to the day, and Wendy Williams’ television career (and Sirius/XM) is doing very well. Below are the original comments from 2007:


Seven years into a CHR war that WPLJ was losing to ratings giant WHTZ, the station leans Rhythmic and Wendy Williams is one of the stars that make up a talented airstaff. That’s what you hear on this four minute restored scope courtesy of Robyn Watts.

Power 95 is voiced here by Charlie Van Dyke, and they play some decent, if not un-remarkable jingles. In your webmasters opinion, WPLJ never really found its niche after dumping AOR at the TOP of its game in 1983. Still, this short glimpse into it’s CHR format near the end of it’s run is typical of many stations of it’s kind as the 80s drew to a close. And while this may be somewhat unremarkable, what you hear here is, in our opinion, far better than most radio post-Telcom ’96, and in particular, radio at the twilight of the first decade of the 21st century.

6 Replies to “QuickCheck: Wendy Williams, WPLJ Power 95 New York | October, 1989”

  1. MGD4Ever

    Indeed, not the most remarkable thing I’ve ever heard, but definitely still fun to listen to. Wendy Williams has a very smooth delivery. On a side note, I doubt this aircheck is from October. they mention an all Request summer many times, and I doubt they’d still be talking about summer in October. Unfortunately, there aren’t many other clues to pin down the actual date, although we know this is early in the week.

  2. brianCarter

    Wendy was and still is a great talent.She worked mornings with me at Power 99 Philly in 1998-99 doing advice and gossip.
    She was also a legendary talent in NYC at Hot97 and Kiss FM.One of kind and a genuinely funny lady,One thing..she always said she would have a tv show and it came true TEN YEARS LATER!

  3. David Sutton

    OMgosh! I *FORGOT(!!!)* that Wendy Williams was a Top 40 jock (on WPLJ) in New York at one time. Top 40 on ‘PLJ, Mainstream Urban Contemporary/talk (her show, that is) on Kiss and later Hot 97, Urban AC/talk(again referring to her show) on WBLS? And the TV version of her WBLS/syndicated “The Wendy Williams Experience” on VH1 *AS WELL AS* her current “The Wendy Williams Show” on broadcast TV??? Is there anything Wendy *can’t* do? Wowwwwwww.!.

  4. VBaskin2010 – I'm 31 years old, i'm single, i love toys anime and cartoons. I grew up on Power Rangers even since i was 7 years old, i like different types of music except EDM and Classical. I hoping to become a radio DJ as well be a Program Director too.
    Vaughn Baskin

    The JAM Jingle Singers: WENDY WILLIAMS Power 95 FM!

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