Howard Hoffman, 610 & 99.7 KFRC San Francisco | October 20, 1993

Audio courtesy of new Contributor Steven Vigil.
Description by Steve West

Howard Hoffman is an ultra-talented performer, in fact, he markets his voice online at his own website, (corrected info). It’s no wonder, then, that this former New York City jock (WPIX-FM, WABC, WPRO-FM Providence) sounds larger than the Oldies he’s playing on KFRC. The station itself is really larger than its individual elements at this time. Original and remixed jingles, imaged by Bobby Ocean, and the right mix of 60s and early 70s music, KFRC’s AM/FM simulcast sounds nearly as good as the original on 610 from the 1960s! We’ve got a recording here from just the right time period, as 99.7 took a while to ramp up its Oldies presentation from the former Rhythmic X-100 (T. Rex MacNeil), and what came after.

Sadder still, to fans of the original Big 610 was the later sale of the AM to a religious broadcaster – but that’s a story for another time.

Howard Hoffman is right in the middle of a Beatles Wednesday. He’s the night jock and every bit as irreverent and sarcastic as at WABC!! Howard airs lots of listener phone bits, and you’ll get a LOT of his personality here as he does the “Passion Phone” at 9pm!


  1. Wow. I have zero airchecks from KFRC. Steven Vigil…man, it’s amazing your tape deck didn’t implode. Just wanted to correct my website since the “toonvoices” site’s been dead since the Clinton administration. // is my current one, along with my online station //

    Always loved this site, but with the addition of this aircheck, I might have to reconsider. (Just kidding of course. Or…AM I?)

    Thanks for keeping the memories alive. Especially the suppressed ones.


    • Hey Howard! I’m not sure Steven Vigil even knows I put this up. The deal is, he mailed me those tapes last December and I moved. So, yesterday, going through some old boxes, I found an unopened US Mail package with his name on it, and to my surprise it was YOU!. I never knew you were on KFRC! Damn good show, man… Damn good, on an otherwise somewhat dry oldies station. You brought it back to life.

      I’ll fix your website info. Thanks for sending it.

      All the best,

  2. Bryan Simmons

    I found KFRC FM to be somewhat scattered at this point in it’s history and I’ll bet Howard Hoffman was a fresh breath of personality back at that point. Love the aircheck, but I think it’s running just a little slow. Still, a fun listen!

  3. Calradiopd

    Bryan’s right. This needs to be about 1% faster.

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