“Huggy Boy” (Dick Hugg), 1st Show, KRTH Los Angeles | December 4, 1998

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The late Dick Hugg, better known to his listeners as “Huggy Boy”, is captured here at the start of his first show on the legendary K-Earth 101! Hugg was known not only as an early and heavy influence in promoting Do-Wop music, but he heavily influenced 60s & 70s Latino (Chicano) artists. He had his own music label, Caddy Records. He even had his own Television show!

Hugg was best known, however, as a disc jockey. Starting in 1951 on KRKD, he blew through most of the major radio stations in the L.A. area finishing with this gig here on K-Earth 101.

At first listen, you wouldn’t think this was a man who had spent most of the previous 47 years on the air. He gets off to a rough start, blowing the Top Hour Kickoff… but after a while, you get the sense that this man LOVES radio, music and his listeners. There’s a real warmth here that is very rare in format radio, even on the great K-Earth 101.

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You are cordially invited to listen to 15 scoped minutes of “The Godfather of Oldies”, Huggy Boy!

Courtesy of new Contributor Jeffrey Holland!