Imus In the Morning with Robert W. Morgan, 66 WNBC New York | July, 1973

660 New York WNBC

The Imus in the Morning show was barely two years old when Robert W. Morgan, a veritable legend by 1973 in Los Angeles dropped by the WNBC studios.

We’re not sure what the impetus was that brought these two morning show icons together in the same room, but imagine the polished Morgan sitting across from an unkempt man in a pair of jeans, boots and a cowboy hat. Despite the West Coast/East Coast differences, one could imagine the morning show that could have developed had both men teamed up on the same station, with the hilarious antics of Don Imus leading into the incredible professionalism and wit of Robert W. Morgan.

One can only guess what lead to this chance on air encounter, but early on in this recording, Imus comments that both men were up for the Billboard Disc Jockey Of The Year award, and that Morgan was doing a tour… mentioning that he would be in Boston the next day.

Remembering our history, we recall that Robert W. Morgan was to join his friend “The Real” Don Steele at KIQQ Los Angeles, where Bill Drake had gone from after KHJ.

Note the jab at crosstown WABC’s Dan Ingram by Morgan. There was a very large on-air rivalry between WABC and WNBC, not unlike baseball’s Yankees/Red Sox rivalry, and while WABC was professionally silent about it, the WNBC jocks frequently took any opportunity to poke at the alphabet station.

The very best of this is hearing Robert W. Morgan Morganize people… After all, why would YOU want to be Morganized?

Listen, and while you’re getting Morganized, realize why you’ve arrived at Radio’s History Channel!