107.5 WYHY (Lebanon TN),Nashville WYHY Y-107 Nashville – 1988

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  1. Definitely southern CHR at its best! Y107 was my favorite station in the country, but aside from the first minute of the aircheck being the first Monday of 1988, the rest of the aircheck seemed to be like a review of the summer of 1989. They were often describing a hot and humid forecast and playing hits like “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx, “Waiting For A Star To Fall” by Boy Meets Girl, “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul, and “Don’t Wanna’ Lose You Now” by Gloria Estefan all of which topped the charts in late-’88 and 1989. Just something I thought about.

  2. Y107 was the best! Cam’t tell you how many times we hung out with the ZOO Crew at different Clubs on friday nights One friday night, after a very violent game of musical chairs, I was well on my way to getting drunk when one of them Zoo crew) convienced me to eat, what i think was snails, I ended up blowing chunks behind the bomber at the fox hole club. Thanks to DJ SHAWN, for the memoriesof his Y107 tribute web site

  3. I have some great audio from Y-107 circa 1986…complete segments that I will “scope” down to 5 minute segments to submit to this website…stay tuned! In the meantime, I need info on HOW to upload them to this site…

  4. I remember Coyote and the Zoo Crew with Rhett Walker and Marc Chase, Tim & Tom, Gary Jeff Walker, Hollywood Hendrix, Bumper Morgan and so many more great times on this station.

    Y107 always had an incredible fireworks show on the river and around this time they had Richard Marx perform at the event.

    KDF was outstanding during this time as well with Carl P. Mayfield and Kidd Redd.

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