Ingrid Schumacher, CHUM-FM Toronto | November 29, 1980

Here’s a unique recording of 104.5 CHUM-FM from back in the days when the station was an Album Rocker. Ingrid Schumacher is listed on Rock Radio Scrapbook as being a weekend personality. She sounds very knowledgeable about the music and fits in well with the station’s overall sound. So good, in fact, by 2001, she was still at CHUM-FM in a full-time capacity.

This was 1980. CHUM-FM was a true AOR station, with the format in it’s prime. It really sounds quite good. CHUM-FM had a wide playlist. Certainly worth a listen!


  1. Ingrid Schumacher is still at CHUM-FM. Its hard to believe since CHUM-FM now has a Rhythmic Hot AC format and is the total opposite of what it was in 1980. Schumacher does the 9 a.m. til 2 shift. Another great aircheck. Thanks!!!!

  2. leanne hinnegan

    Ingrid; pleeze let me play beat the bank


  3. leanne hinnegan

    ingrid: pleeze call Leanne to play beat the bank 905-354-5785

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