Jackson Armstrong, 66 WNBC New York | 1978


A long time ago, this was featured in Real Audio form. And now, just to return to the fun, Jackson Armstrong returns with the Gorilla to do this one gig at WNBC New York.

What do you say about a guy who managed to throw more excitement into a four hour shift than half the WNBC airstaff. This is just FUN!

Armstrong would find himself at KTNQ Los Angeles after this, and we DO have AUDIO! What a similarity in sounds between THIS WNBC and KTNQ! Far as that goes, there is an uncanny similarity to mid-70s 93 KHJ. Your LEEEEEEADER is here to entertain!

This is so great its hard to write about a 7 minute aircheck in less time than it took to record it, so now… just listen to a time when radio was more fun than falling out of bed!!!

660 New York WNBC

california aircheck


  1. lou

    What was the occasion of him doing this one shift? Was it an audition?

  2. Rene

    Man. I was turned on to Jackson by my good friend Jay long after Mr. Armstrong’s passing. Thank you Airchexx.com for making this mans timeless perfection live on in and available.

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