Jackson Armstrong on 1510 WMEX Boston | February, 1968

Jackson Armstrong seems to be one of airchexx.com’s favorites – his name shows up in our search page almost as frequently as Dan Ingram – and little wonder why! One of the fastest talkers ever, Armstrong has a long history of gracing radio stations with his mouth, one of them being WMEX Boston.

Here’s a young Jackson Armstrong with vocal cords engaged – certainly revving up WMEX – which at this time was in hot pursuit of WRKO. This aircheck literally rolls along at light speed! Listen how Armstrong plays the Rolling Stones jingle, then never misses a beat in ‘fixing’ it. You’ll also hear those custom PAMS jingle cuts exclusively for WMEX. The “Good Guys” were definitely cookin’ in Boston in ’68!



  1. I love the great Jackson Armstrong! I used to listen to him on WKBW out of Buffalo, New York from 1970-73, when I lived in Niagara Falls, New York.

  2. Phil Beckman

    R.I.P. Jack.
    This aircheck seems off speed, but it adds to the high energy he was so good at radiating!!

  3. Tony

    He sounds a little like a young Dick Biondi here.

  4. Ross

    AMAZING when you think of the roster of talent that went through that place….Larry Justice, JJ Jeffrey (as Melvin X Melvin) , Ed Hider, Jack Gale, Larry Lujack….
    I think there were 3 things that doomed them. l. an inferior signal except along the coast 2. their public affairs/talk commitment that relegated music only from 6 am to l0 pm daily 3. owner Mac Richmond who hired talented people but then bullied them.

  5. Jim Julian

    WMEX is back Saturday night 6 -9 PM with Jimmy Jay playing the songs you remember.

    • Robert

      WMEX should go back to oldies 24/7! The original jingles, echo chamber, even re-play old DJ tapes if they still exist.

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