Jackson Armstrong on Hitradio 93 KKHR Los Angeles | 1984

Jackson Armstrong on Hitradio 93 KKHR Los Angeles | 1984

KKHR Hitradio 93 Los Angeles – Jackson Armstrong – 1984

On August 25, 1983, KNX-FM adopted a Top 40 music format, similar to the other CBS Radio FM stations – and branded as “Hitradio 93 KKHR”. The heritage KNX-FM call sign was switched to KKHR. KKHR was not a traditional Top 40 music format of the time as the playlist was more stringently limited to 30 songs. The original KKHR disc jockey staff consisted of Lou Simon, Dave Donovan (whose real name is Joe Cipriano), Chris Lance, Todd Parker (replaced by Jack Armstrong several months later), and Mark Hanson. Rich Fields, who would later become the announcer on The Price Is Right for over 6 seasons, was also signed on to KKHR in the station’s last year with the “Hit Radio” format.

This aircheck features Jackson Armstong, doing his thing, back in 1984.-Ellis

93.1 Los Angeles KKHR

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