Jason Page & Jeff Wicker, 94.5 WRVQ Richmond | July 31, 1996

94.5 Richmond, WRVQ, Q945

“…wear your birthday suit and celebrate 24 years of Today’s Best Music!”

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What you’ll hear on this aircheck:  Jason Page and Jeff Wicker are broadcasting live this date at Paramount’s Kings Dominion park.  This is a place you can see off to the west from I-95 if you ever travel down that way.  There is a big promotional going on for Q94’s 24th anniversary of being a CHR station in Richmond.  Page & Wicker are announcing the party at the Flood Zone.  They called it “Birthday Party Radio” and the special guest was Lena Santiago.  Now, this is a really good CHR station.  The music at this point was more rhythmic than mainstream pop, but a few hair bands sneak in here and there.

Q94 was having TWO remotes during this hour.  The other remote was WRVQ personality Paul Anthony broadcasting live from The Showplace for their “Merchandise Liquidation Sale”  You’ll hear one full remote, and at the end of this recording, it finishes in the middle of Anthony’s second live remote break.

Q94 is using the slogan, “Today’s Best Music for All People”.  Unique, but it works!  Outside of the top hits in rotation, Gold cuts are branded “Deja-Q”.  I like the on air branding at this point in time.  Sounds like WRVQ was on top of it’s game, although, we don’t have any of the ratings information for Q94 for Summer, 1996.  Perhaps someone out there does.  We’d love to read them.

Because copyright law seems to be tightening (we hear rumors of more actions by the labels), I’ve scoped this down so tight you barely hear anything of the songs outside of maybe one bar.  It has to be this way going forward.  UNLESS, of course, listeners like you make a commitment to support airchexx with your donations.  If there’s enough, I’ll ink an agreement with the various copyright entities and set aside a special part of airchexx so you can hear these airchecks unscoped.  Right now, that’s totally out of the question.