Jay Douglas, WTIX-FM New Orleans | 1996

94.3 WTIX-FM TowerDate of Recording: 1996 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 94.3 WTIX-FM (KLEB-FM/KZZQ-FM/KBAU) New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Format: Oldies
Featured Air Personalities: Jay Douglas, Doug O’Brien (News) (WNBC/WINS)
Contributor: Annonymous


I hate to call this ‘sloppy’, but there are numerous pauses between elements in this format. It sounds as if WTIX-FM is using one of those old fashioned reel-to-reel automation systems that had a bit of a lag at times when switching from one reel, or cart machine to another. Either way, this was recorded before computer automation and it’s associated ability to allow production folks to make gawd-awful, effects laden sweepers that run between every song these days. Yes, there are plenty of dead segues here, and that’s nice to hear.

Listen for old WTIX (AM) jingles, a playlist that’s literally all over the place, and a full network newscast from Doug O’Brien (WNBC, WINS).