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The Top 500 of All-Time, WKHL “Kool 96.7” Stamford CT (Port Chester, NY) | May 29, 1994


The former logo for Kool (oldies) 96.7, Port Chester, New York
Date of Recording: 05.29.1994
Station: 96.7 WKHL (WCTZ) (Defunct) Port Chester, New York, USA
Format: Oldies
Featured Air Personality: None
Contributor: Ray Bozzanca
Definitions: OLDIES – Refers to a format which plays music from the 1950s through the 1970s or any time period in between.
VARIETY HITS – A format which plays the hits mainly from the 1980s through the first decade of the 2000s.
STL – Studio-Transmitter Link. A small transmitter which beams the programming from the radio station’s studio on a separate frequency to the transmitter, where it is received and processed prior to the decoded audio being fed to the main transmitter on the station’s assigned FM (or AM) frequency.


Another Oldies station that went the way of Variety Hits was WKHL 96.7. This New York City rimshot had a live Oldies format at the time of this aircheck, and like many Oldies stations, did a countdown on Memorial Day. Here’s a portion of the Top 500 of all time, songs of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Some interesting facts about this station. The studios were located in a commercial building in Stamford, CT on Rt. 1 (Post Road). It was co-located with Cox Communications’ other radio properties, 1400 WSTC and 1350 WNLK. 96.7’s studio was beamed to the Transmitter in Port Chester, NY (just over the state line about 10 air-miles away) via an STL. Most of the processing was done in the studio building.

96.7 Eventually became Variety Hits “The Coast” and changed call letters to WCTZ. After a few years’ run, owner Cox Communications sold the station to Educational Media Foundation, the owners of the Contemporary Christian “K-Love” format. The station did not change formats, it was simply turned off. EMF built a new transmitter at a different site in Port Chester to better aim it’s signal to New York City and as such is not related to this radio station. You can hear the end of 96.7 “The Coast” HERE.

8 thoughts on “The Top 500 of All-Time, WKHL “Kool 96.7” Stamford CT (Port Chester, NY) | May 29, 1994

  1. tigerray

    When listening to this aircheck again,I didn’t notice Peter Bush was on two spots.Peter once worked at legendary WABC New York in 1982 and also for Pd Pete Salant.Now I see for all the aka “alias” names needed in radio because its a small world!

  2. Is there any way I can buy a “KOOL 96.7” Shirt?? I really want one. I grew up listening to this station and I truly miss it. I remember myself constantly asking my dad if he can put on Kool 96.7 on in the car. Good times great oldies, Kool 96.7! I hope u guys have merchandise available

    1. I wish I could help with that but unfortunately, the station went out of business in 2013. The only person who might have still had a few shirts from those days passed away this past April. It seems that just as with many of the stations we feature here on Airchexx, the only thing left are the recordings. At least we have those.

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