Jeff Davis, MusicRadio WLS “AM Stereo 89” Chicago | January 23, 1985

890 Chicago 94.7 Chicago WLS AM & FM Susan Platt Larry Lujack Jeff Davis 94.7 AM FM Chicago John Records Landecker

No matter what anyone says about how WLS disintegrated in the mid-80s, this aircheck proves that as 1985 began, WLS was still Chicago’s ENORMOUS 89, and still rocking as hard as ever! Proof? Listen for a rare hair band, Guiffria (does ANYONE remember them besides me?), a power gold cut, Boston’s “Long Time”, and plenty of mainstream pop.

Call WLS at 591-8900 to win… just listen for the WLS “Touch Tones”.

This was recorded during the overnight hours, as today’s booming WLS imaging voice, Jeff Davis, talks about what’s coming up on Larry Lujack’s morning show ‘later this morning’. In fact, he mentions it’s 12:51 just before this ends.

Hot Top 40, that AM compression recorded on a widebanded AM receiver, classic original JAM WLS jingles… this one features it ALL, from one of the very last surviving AM rockers of the 80s – WLS!

WLS 89 890 Susan Platt Larry Lujack Jeff Davis 94.7 AM FM Chicago

Back-to-back classics courtesy of!


  1. Tony

    Was Davis working all night or 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.?

    It’s refreshing to hear a jock talking after a song without some annoying music or sound effects in the background.

    Too bad we cannot hear the AM stereo which I thought was great. Obviously, consumers thought otherwise. Now, HD radio is going the way of AM stereo.

    Davis has a great voice … natural.

    Funny comeback with the 16-year-old girl on the phone. Now she would be 43.

    Proving that time waits for no man … or woman.


    • Well, Tony.. sounds to me like it was 10-2. But, since I can’t verify this anywhere, let me shoot an email to Jeff Davis and let him tell me…

      Sometimes this is just too simple hehehehehe

  2. Daniel

    Jeff David one of my all time favs… Great voice, so friggin’ smooth. Thank you Steve for posting this aircheck

  3. radiorob

    Davis was 10-2 late night. If memory serves Fred Winston was on 10-2 middays.

  4. koloss

    Yep it was 10pm-2am. Sounds like they still had reverb at this time- it was gone about 6 months later. I think they had just stopped simulcasting on the FM (Lujack in the morning & Brant Miller nighttime 7-11) FM changed to z-95; this was the beginning of the slow end. Also fired Steve & Garry who were pulling 8 share in the afternoon drive.

    • I forgot to mention that Jeff did respond to my Facebook post regarding the time of this aircheck. We’re BOTH wrong! Here’s Jeff’s response:

      “They shortened the shift to 11 p.m. – 2 a,m. a couple of years earlier and, honestly, it was like a paid vacation. We did not have production duties so my workday (in the building) was 3 1/2 hours. If you talk with former promotion director Steve Nelson, he’ll tell you I volunteered anytime they needed someone for an appearance. No one one knew it was all part of my plan for world domination… which is still ongoing. So far I have conquered about 1/3 of an acre, so I have a lot more work to do.”

  5. mike hotaling

    my p.d. at wrck utica bought a new blazer and had special ordered am stereo in it. we would sit out in the lot and wait for the skywave to kick in and listen to jeff on wls… they sounded great!

  6. Rod Roddy lookalike

    I heard Jeff on WLS-FM 94.7 last weekend on Sat. afternoon (12/1/2012). Sounds great still!

  7. Tim Lee

    Jeff Davis was a god in Chicago. We listened in Northern Ontario late nights with a clear signal. Hope he is still doing well.

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