Jim Collins for E.J. Crummey Overnight, 66 WNBC New York in AM Stereo | August 18, 1986

Joe CrummeyToday, the guy Jim Collins is filling in for is Talk Radio’s Joe Crummey, who just happened to start recently at crosstown WABC… but back in 1986, he was the regular overnight guy who followed in the footsteps (after working with him) of Wolfman Jack!

NBC always paraded in the best talent. As Crummey said in a 2010 interview with All Access:

It was one hell of a hierarchy at NBC; the more you broke the format, the more they paid you… that is, if they didn’t fire you first.

And that’s why he did overnights?

But the subject of THIS aircheck is the great Jim Collins, who would soon after this was recorded, be part of the WNBC Time Machine, when WNBC ditched Top 40 for 60s Oldies overnights and weekends within the year. We have lots of Time Machine airchecks here at Airchexx… and you can find them HERE.

This recording sounds very much as if it came from the studio skimmer attached to the air monitor. Crisp and clean, and in well-processed (Khan system) AM Stereo, while I had to tighten up the scope so that the video version won’t get flagged for copyright violations, you can still hear the wonderful over-the-air sound of the old 66 WNBC! Truly, this is certainly the very best recording ever posted of an AM Stereo station. Your ears will thank us for it!

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