Jim Conley; Jackson Armstrong, 1020 KTNQ “Ten-Q” Los Angeles | 1979

1020 AM Los Angeles Dave Sebastian The Real Don Steele Charlie Tuna Jackson Armstrong M.G. Kelly KFVD KPOP KTNQ KGBS

Big Apple Airchecks Matt Seinberg New York TradersThis has been sitting around the Airchexx studio since 2004… a composite that’s had an 8 year wait to hit the Airchexx Archives!

This kicks off with Jim Conley filling in for Dave Sebastian who is out sick on this particular day. Conley begins at 12 Noon and this scope spans the entire 3 hour show. Jackson Armstrong and the Gorilla pick up at 3pm with the wildest, zany and positively MAD presentation heard anywhere! Armstrong is certainly at his BEST on this day, with the exception of ONE break where he misses the post! Talk about rare!

Technically, I doctored this up a little bit, but overall it was in very good condition. The only complaint is, BOY those jocks were quick on the mic button! This was obviously recorded on a skimmer tape deck wired in-line to the studio board, to record when the mic was turned on and to shut off when the mic was turned off. These two guys were so quick on the mic button that it’s nearly impossible to get the tape slowing and speeding up at the point where they hit the mic button out of this recording. Lord knows I tried! But I think you’ll enjoy this slice of Ten-Q, for a time, the BEST Top 40 station in Los Angeles!

Courtesy of our good site friend Matt over at Big Apple Airchecks!

1020 AM Los Angeles Dave Sebastian The Real Don Steele Charlie Tuna Jackson Armstrong M.G. Kelly KFVD KPOP KTNQ KGBS


  1. The Hell w/ “the Mic.” thing ! Hear that heavy Compression…a Great tape…so Reflective of The Best in 1979 !

  2. calradiopd

    Two great jocks…one station that never quite equalled the sum of its parts.

    Interestingly, it wasn’t until about the time of this aircheck (spring ’79) that the station gelled and got a winning number…but they’d already been sold and were going Spanish in a few months.

    What you hear here, though, did very well. The spring ’79 Arbitron shows KTNQ with a 2.4, KFI and KHJ tied with a 2.1 and KIQQ with a 1.8.

    Of course, for a lot of Los Angeles teens and young adults, AM Top 40 was irrelevant. KMET had a 5.8 that book.

  3. Nick Sarames

    I only wish the tape speed could have been adjusted.

  4. calradiopd

    Nick: The speed is accurate. TenQ sped up their records and Jack Armstrong really talked that fast.

  5. Lambinator

    Thanks so much for the aircheck…WOW!!
    I used it for inspiration before my air shift today. Mark m8

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