Jim Hampton, 1330 WTRX Flint, MI | Date Unknown

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Recording Date: Unknown
Station: 1330 WTRX Flint, MI (WDLZ/WBBC)
Format: Top 40
Ownership: Cumulus Media
Featured Air Personality: Jim Hampton
Contributor: Jim Hampton

… At Nine-Thirteen this is Jim Hampton with the Thirty-Sixth edition of WTRX News


Curator’s Notes:

While the date is unknown, I’m going to go ahead and guess 1968 or 1969 based upon the music. Contributor Jim Hampton included this bit of personal air work and I’m reminded that a great many stations had the jock on duty also reading the news.

Does anyone know who provided these (awful) jingles? Hey, at least WTRX HAD jingles!

Today, WTRX is an All-Sports station affiliated with ESPN. Its current logo is shown below.