Joe Pinner on 1230 WNOK Columbia SC | November 26, 1959

104.7 Columbia, WNOK, WNOK-FM

From somewhere deep in the bowels of the airchexx archives (which consists of three crates with hundreds of loose cassettes) comes this excellent recording of one Joe Pinner with a DEEP announcer voice playing top 40 hits – if you can call this all standards presentation ‘top 40’. Perhaps it was, considering the time and place. This is the deep south back at a time most people would probably like to forget about, when segregation was alive and well. There’s even a commercial for an all-white dance! Fortunately, that is but only one instance, a quick :30 second commercial in this 30 minute Thanksgiving day broadcast which includes news, weather and those overly orchestrated jingles from the time period.

For you jingle freaks- From what company and package are the jingle sings in this aircheck? We’re guessing either CRC or Heller.

We can’t even find an old station logo. But for you wondering, yes this IS the former AM side to the current CHR 104.7 WNOK. Now you know its roots, this station has been top 40, like… forever.