Johnny Hall, 1300 KYNO Fresno | 1968

Johnny Hall, 1300 KYNO Fresno | 1968

The Drake sound was alive and well at KYNO, in fact, it was big here before Bill Drake took it to KHJ in Los Angeles. This is the Johnny Hall show, and it features ALL the major elements that would make up Boss Radio; Johnny Mann jingles., familiar talkovers – short, snappy and to the point which was a major departure from the long-winded approach that most non-Drake top 40 jocks used up to that time.

Rather than describe the Drake sound, just listen – as most of this audience is very familiar with the accomplishments of Bill Drake, the Programmer and Consultant. KYNO was one of his early successes and his accomplishment at this station really opened the door to what became a universal ‘Drake’ sound used all over the West Coast in the 60s, and places like Oklahoma City, Windsor Ontario and even New York City at WOR-FM! KYNO was essentially the genesis.


  1. John Stevens

    This aircheck must have been in 1967, because my Dad Nat Stevens aka John David Barry did the DiChico’s Italian Restaurant commercials. He left the station in 1967 we moved to Bakersfield and he worked at KAFY. Thanks.

  2. John Stevens

    Thanks very much for posting this great aircheck from the legendary “Big 13” Johnny Hall’s real name was Corkey Mayberry. My Dad worked with him at KYNO. He changed his name. He later worked in Country radio in L.A. at KFOX. This is a great blast from the past.

  3. John Marklund

    This is a nice find…. memories.

  4. Jami Mayberry

    This is so great to hear! My father, Corky Mayberry, was Johnny Hall on this aircheck and it’s great to hear him on KYNO. He was on country radio on the West Coast for many, many years and used his real name. I am the only one of his kids to go into radio as well. I have thanked him many times for the vocal cords.

  5. Sounds like the tape was running a little slowly. The songs and jingles sound ‘draggy.’ But KYNO sounded great in the year I turned eight!

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