September 23, 2021

6 thoughts on “Johnny Lance, 92.3 WFLY Troy, NY | 1971

  1. This is a great aircheck…from the days
    when I was in College (in Boston). I’d visit my Grandparents in Albany…and I
    always “got a kick” out of FLY, trying so hard to do the Drake thing ! ‘Cause, of course, in Boston, I could hear “the Real thing”…WRKO ! And, it’s kinda’ cool for me , because , years later…I would work at
    WFLY…Doin’ weekends , then Afternoons !

  2. FLY 92.3 is the best and please follow on twitter i’m @1230212302 keep the great work up FLY and thats more less all
    NAME: anthony farone
    TWITTER: @1230212302
    HUMAN: duh…stupid people
    FAV MUSIC STATION: fly 92.3
    thats me (^_^)

  3. what a shame AM was still the King of Top 40 in ’71. and WPTR and WTRY ruled. Johnny Lance was good enough to work at a Drake format in any market.

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